Overwatch: Blizzard Broke Lucio

Blizzard will constantly review their characters to make sure every character is balanced out for the game. It seems like they were not too happy with Lucio and has now decided to make a few major changes to the character.

Based on the changes they made to the character in PTR, some players are saying that Blizzard might have just broken the character. Lucio is now faster on walls as if he wasn’t fast enough.

They also messed around with the area-of-effect for his skills. They are now a lot smaller than before. Instead of 30 meters, we get 10 meters for Crossfade and 30M to 20m for the Sound barrier. His boost heals more now and Amp It Up is faster.

Those that played the new Lucio are saying that the update will upset the game. Of course, all of this might not even end up in the game. Do you think it should?

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