Pokecheck Early Release For Gen VI Could Leave Pokebank Obsolete (Prediction)

It has been strongly rumored that Pokecheck for Gen VI could arrive earl, and this would make PokeBank technically obsolete. Gamers playing Pokemon X & Y in Europe and the US have been waiting for Nintendo to re-release PokeBank after it was taken down when it crashed servers. PokeBank has now been re-released in Japan, which has angered gamers in other parts of the world.

If Pokecheck was to be released before PokeBank, gamers would not need the latter so much which would mean that the Nintendo would be on the losing end. Pokemon could be stored on the Pokecheck, where gamers would be able to upload them, let them go into the game and then re-download them when they are ready.

There is another side to consider though as if Nintendo heard about this, PokeBank could be delayed even more while Nintendo get into a legal tussle with the Pokecheck creators given that it is cutting the need for subscriptions to Pokebank. It does make you wonder why this hasn’t happened already. It was pointed out that perhaps they cannot take action as it seems that Pokecheck are not claiming ownership and they have said this is their FAQ. On the other hand, they are breaking Nintendo’s terms of software already.

Nintendo could try and get PokeBank out to gamers fast as they will want to take those fees before Pokecheck is released, which is a free service. Fees aside, a release of Pokecheck would mean that people won’t have to worry about when Nintendo are going to release PokeBank as the wait is a killer at this time given the company’s lack of communication.

A free service or paid one? Its not hard to see which of these options will be the most popular for gamers on Pokemon X & Y.

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