Pokebank Release Date For UK & US Could Be Monday

Nintendo released PokeBank onto the world for the latest Pokemon game Pokemon X & Y. However, the release was short lived when it crashed the servers and Nintendo had to take it off line. Nintendo did say that they would re-release it, but they haven’t said when. They also said that PokeBank would be re-released in stages to different parts of the world and Japan already has it. Now we hear rumours that PokeBank could arrive in the US and UK on Monday.

There are two theories behind why Nintendo may re-launch PokeBank on Monday. The first reason is that people have been talking about a 30 day free trial which has now been extended to the 27 February. Originally the trial would have run out on 27 January as it started on 27 December. Gamers are now speculating that it will start on 27 January and finish on 27 February, which would make sense.

Another theory behind why we could see the re-release of PokeBank on Monday is the fact that Nintendo posted a message about extended maintenance that would take place on 27 January and one of the affected services is online play and rankings for the Pokemon X & Y game.

This news has caused a great deal of speculation and now gamers in the US and Europe will have a weekend of waiting to find out if PokeBank is going to be re-released on Monday 27 January.

via Reddit (1/2)

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