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Though most pickups have many storage compartments, the vehicle accessories aftermarket abounds with many pickup bed solutions in cargo management. One of the more popular and unorthodox of these is wheel well boxes, a compartment for devices and other items. Dominating the segment are the SwingCase units manufactured by UnderCover. The UnderCover swing case is installed right on the pickup’s cargo area, near the tailgate. The design of truck wheel well tool box primarily emphasize ease of use and ease of installation as its purpose is to organize and make things easier for those who use them.

An article in Popular Mechanics, a well-established magazine since the 1900s, stated that the SwingCase fits almost flush on the space bordered by the wheel wells and the tailgate. This allows the owner to fully utilize and maximize the said space. The SwingCase tool chest also does not sacrifice the length of the bed, thus the vehicle can still be loaded with the usual long cargo.

There are other manufacturers of pickup toolboxes that are in various configurations, too. Amongst these is DeeZee, a company in the same industry as UnderCover. DeeZee manufactures tool boxes made of metal. In contrast to other companies’ products that of plastic construction.

One product that deviates from the design language of the toolboxes in this list is the Truxedo TonneauMate Toolbox. Truxedo launched its first product in 2000 and has since diversified to other truck accessories. Their toolbox is a universal fit on almost all full-size trucks in the market today.

Since truck beds have different designs and dimensions, here is a list of pickup storage boxes for easy reference.

There are two categories, the first one presents UnderCover SwingCases, and the 2nd one is a list of tool boxes from other manufacturers.

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Truck Wheel Well Tool Boxes – UnderCover SwingCases

Absolutely The Best Wheel Well Box For Dodge Ram 1500 to 3500 – Undercover SwingCase SC300D

Built for the Ram full-size pickup, the wheel well toolbox SC300D fits on the driver side of the cargo bed. The Undercover Swing Case SC300D fits the Dodge Ram 1500 to 3500 from model years 2002 to 2018. It can store up to a maximum of 75 pounds and has a small removable tray for small paraphernalia. It is made of plastic and has a textured finish. The package has all the elements needed for installation. All that are needed for installation are the simple equipment you may already have.


  • The Undercover SwingCase SC300D is easy to remove should there be a need to haul large items that need the whole width of the cargo bed.
  • Most reviewers painting a positive note have purchased the complementing part after installing their first purchase.
  • The supplied brackets for the SwingCase wheel well storage truck box is aligned and positioned using a dimple near the tailgate lock as a guide, then use the included self-drilling screws to fasten the bracket to the inside fender.
  • Installation typically ranges from less than 10 minutes to 15 minutes.
  • Once installed, the SwingCase wheel well storage fastens securely on the latch. In the package is a locking mechanism that prevents the tool bin from being lifted from its base. This mechanism does not hinder the swinging action of the removable cargo bin.
  • The SC300D is installable even if the there is a tonneau cover, adding security and complements the built-in locks of the case.


  • Forum members have somehow also noted that in cases where there is a pair of the products installed, the loading width of the pickup bed narrows to less than 48 inches or 4 feet, which negates the vehicle’s ability to haul sheets of full-size plywood.
  • In the installation process, the sides will need drilling for the SwingCase mounting.
  • In some cases, the truck wheel well box has developed cracks on its body, as several reviewers have commented, which renders the product unusable in most instances.
  • The SC300D tends to block the cargo area’s LED light, which is handy, especially if there is a tonneau cover installed.

Best Wheel Well Truck Box For Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra HD:

1. Driver Side – Undercover SwingCase SC100D

The Swing Case SC100D wheel well bed storage fits only the 2020 to 2021, 2022 model years Chevrolet Silverado HD and the GMC Sierra HD. As the name implies, it mounts on the driver’s side. It can hold up to 75 pounds of items after work on the job site or after a fishing expedition. The SC100D will keep your things dry as it has weather stripping to seal the insides from the elements.

The SC100D easily swings out to you for easy access. Included also is a small removable tray for small items. It locks securely in place on the provided latch that comes with the package.


  • The SwingCase SC100D Wheel well toolbox installs by using all provided hardware in the package that includes the self-drilling screws for mounting the steel brackets onto the cargo box sidings. However, it is also best to spray or coat them with anti-corrosion substances.
  • In a YouTube video, the SwingCase truck wheel well storage was installed on a 2020 GMC Sierra in less than 5 minutes. Other customers have claimed that they were able to mount their SwingCases in less than 10 minutes.
  • The dual wheel well tool box can be easily swung out or removed if there is a need to access or use the bed LED light and as well as the electrical outlet.
  • A reviewer who has installed one on a Silverado since 2016 still uses it as per the last update last October 2020.
  • Customers have also lauded that they are removable if there is a need to haul sheets of plywood or other bulkier items.


  • There is a need to drill new holes into the metal with the supplied self-drilling screws. This is an issue for some users since it may introduce damage to the truck body in due time.
  • The LED Cargo light and the electrical outlet on the passenger side of the vehicle are blocked by the accompanying bracket and locking mechanism.
  • For some users, they have mentioned that cracks have developed on the plastic bins which have diminished their usefulness.

2. Passenger side – Undercover SwingCase SC100P

The 2020 and 2021, 2022 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra HD platform also has an UnderCover swing case for the passenger side. It has the same capacity as the SC100D. Included in the package is all the necessary hardware for proper installation.

This YouTube video shows the SC100P plastic bin being installed on a 2020 GMC Sierra in less than 5 minutes, with the necessary gears. Other customers have claimed that they installed their Swing Cases in less than 10 minutes.


  • Customers who installed the SwingCase SC100P are happy that the lockable case organizes the clutter on the backseat and the bed of the pickup.
  • Owners of the SC100P lauded the 75 pound capacity of the device as it is enough to hold various materials like, for instance, towing straps, small items, and emergency kits.
  • The SwingCase SC100P fender chest box can mount on a freight bed with a sprayed-on liner.
  • Customers have also remarked well on the SwingCase SC100P as an accessory for using the usually under-utilized space between the wheel wells and the tailgate for items that would otherwise litter your vehicle.


  • The YouTube video above shows that the SwingCase bracket blocks the cargo lights and covers the electrical outlet, but these are accessible by swinging the aftermarket accessory towards the open tailgate.
  • Some complaints are about the plastic material used as some opined that it would have been better if reinforced with fiberglass or coated with other reinforcing substances.
  • The lid only partially opens when the SwingCase wheel well tool box is in a latched position. The customer needs to unlatch it first to gain full access to the cargo inside.
  • There might be a need to trim a drop-in plastic liner on some points for proper fit and mounting of the cargo bin. One solution, as remarked by a customer, is using longer self-drilling screws.

Best Wheel Well Storage Box For All Toyota Tundras – Undercover SwingCase SC400D

The Undercover SwingCase SC400D boasts a wide range of Toyota Tundra models where it fits. This model installs easily on Toyota Tundra units from year models 2007 thru 2021, 2022. Provided is a locking mechanism in the package, including all necessary bolts needed for the installation. The SC400D removable tool box for the bed also has a lockable lid to keep valuable gears safe.

The SC400D swings out of the cargo bed from its latched position, even with a tonneau cover. The user can easily reach into his or her stuff without the need to climb onto the tailgate.


  • Tundra forum members wrote that the SC400D, and its complementary product, the SwingCase model SC400P, can be easily removed should there be a need for more space, especially if hauling full-size 4 feet by 6 feet plywood. This is also true if there is a need for the tie-downs.
  • The SC400D storage bins are known to be removed easily, should there be any need in hauling items that are as wide as a full-size plyboard.
  • Customers have been joyful that the SwingCase SC400D is nearly effortless to install and are happy with the purchase.
  • Most customers who have only purchased the driver side version also plan to buy another one for the other side.


  • The SwingCase SC400D over wheel well tool box blocks the tie-downs on the beds of the Toyota Tundras when installed.
  • Customers lament the need to drill mounting holes on the metal with the provided self-drilling screws.
  • Some customers observed that warping occurs if left directly under the sun’s heat. A tonneau cover may minimize the effects of extreme weather.

Best Wheel Well Storage Box For Ford F-150s 1999-2014 – Undercover SwingCase SC201D

Undercover SwingCase SC201D Pickup Storage Boxes are specifically designed for Ford F-150s from 1999 through 2014. A good 15-year range for a single product. These models mount on the driver side of the vehicle between the wheel well and the tailgate, adding additional usable compartment and space to an otherwise recessed and seldom used space. The truck fender well tool chest for the F-150 has high marks for installation and an excellent value for money.

A lot of customer reviews do mention that installation of the UnderCover product is easy. Many customers lauded its design as it stays on the recessed part of the cargo area.


  • Customers gave positive remarks on the load capacities of the SwingCase SC201D pickup bed storage boxes, but some said that it is more than enough to hold what is essential to them.
  • All hardware needed for the installation comes complete with the package.
  • Some customers confirmed that the SwingCase SC201D is installable on trucks with spray-on liners on them with no difficulty. The self-drilling screws will drill through the spray-on liner and cut into the metal of the pickup.
  • Some customers have expressed that the installation took them less than 10 minutes tops, with only simple tools.
  • Reviewers have been positive on the secured lockable lid of the wheel well storage box with a locking mechanism. Included in the package is another lock that goes into the hinge for more security.


  • Complaints abound that the truck bed wheel well storage bins break or crack in some areas that render them unusable, letting rain and moisture in and catalyzes rust on your tools. Some, to some extent, have opined that these kits are not weatherproof at all.
  • There were also noted issues on bent and rusted brackets which have affected the functionality of the cargo kits. These have rendered some chests unable to latch onto the locks.
  • Several issues on the lid hinge plastic material have also come up. Reviews point to them being breakable, misaligning the lid, and make it unusable.

Best Truck Fender Tool Box For 2015-2020 Ford F-150 – Undercover SwingCase SC203P

The Undercover SwingCase SC203P unit fits the passenger side of the year model 2015 to 2020 Ford F-150. It provides an easy reach, weather-tight, and durable compartment for gears and items stored outside the cab. The kit holds 75 pounds maximum and swings out for accessibility. There is no need to go up the bed or reach over the sides to access equipment and other items.


  • On an F-150 forum site, the SC203P is considered a sound investment for contractors and other self-employed individuals who need more secured and organized storage caddies outside of their cabs.
  • On a 2015 model Ford F-150, an owner can install the SC203P SwingCase wheel well truck box without ever drilling. There is a YouTube video detailing the installation. You can do this also on the second generation of the Ford F-150 Raptor.
  • The SC203P can fit even with a tri-fold bed cover installed. The accessories kit can even easily swing in and out of its latch.
  • Some reviewers commend that the parts of the SwingCase SC203P are well made, even commenting that the brackets are strong enough for the intended purpose.


  • Forum members noted that the wheel well tool box covers the cargo light partly. Swinging out the gear compartment will allow access to the switch and light to illuminate most of the baggage hold. Concerns also were raised on the SC203P covering the light button on the driver side.
  • Concerns also have been noted that kit lockers get destroyed after owners have gone on off-road trips. Cracks on the device caddy body were also some of the issues raised in the reviews.

Best Wheel Well Storage Box For Ford F-250/350 (1999-2006) – Undercover SwingCase SC200D

The Undercover SwingCase SC200D installs on Ford Super Duty units from the model year 1999 thru 2016. The SC200D is for the Driver Side of the motor vehicle. Tools and other items will be within easy reach as pickup storage boxes easily swing out of their latch. The user does not need to reach over or even climb over to reach the gear locker. Helpful indeed, considering the height of Ford Super Duty models.

Tools and other items can remain secured in the SC200D instead of inside the truck cabin.


  • One positive vibe that the Super Duty owners have of the SwingCase SC200D wheel well storage is that it is solidly built, and functions as intended.
  • Recent comments also have commended the ease of installation. One caveat is that there is a need to drill holes on the bed. Most installations will not take more than 10 minutes.
  • The SC200D fender well kit box has also been commended as a convenient alternative cargo solution, further saying that it stores and latches out of the way when not needed.


  • A few users have observed cracks in the SwingCase bin and the lid. These cracks have allowed for moisture to find its way in.
  • There is a need to drill holes for a proper install. Some owners say that this is a non-issue, but it is still an issue to some who are wary of the possible consequences of rusting.
  • There are also some concerns about broken latches and the case being unable to latch onto the locking mechanism.

Best Fender Well Tool Box For 1999-2007 Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra 1500-3500 – Undercover SwingCase SC101D

The SC101D wheel well truck tool box fits all models of the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra. Including the Heavy Duty variants, models from 1999 thru 2007 can accommodate the SwingCase locker. Excellent value for money and high scores on sturdiness and effortless installation.

The SC101D provides a lockable and secured compartment outside of the cabin. It mounts on the space between the wheel well and the tailgate. It can be mounted under a tonneau cover and will swing out for easy access to hardware and equipment.


  • Forum members have said that the SC101 removable truck tool box for the Chevrolet Silverado and its platform-mate, the GMC Sierra, is easily installed in minutes with the right equipment.
  • Many comments have also taken note of the sturdiness of the bracket. It also helped that it is well fabricated.
  • There were also forum members who have had their SwingCase 101D for five years already, attesting to the durability of the products.
  • Most reviewers are very pleased with the product and would likely recommend them to others.


  • For installation, there will be a need to drill new holes into the bed metal using the supplied self-drilling screws in the package, which does not seem to be a deal-breaker with the owners.
  • The clearance at the bottom of the SC101D removable truck tool box is only about three inches and will fit 2 or 3 sheets of full-size plywood. If there is a need to haul more than that number, it is best to remove the SwingCases to accommodate the cargo.
  • Some cracks may appear after some time of use and may also result from extreme weather exposure.

Best Fender Well Truck Tool Box For 2015 – 2021, 2022 Chevy/GMC Colorado/Canyon – Undercover SwingCase SC103D

The Undercover SwingCase SC103D installs on General Motor’s mid-size pickups, particularly the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon model years 2015 up to the current 2021, 2022. The SC103D swings out of the bed to give the user easy access to all needed material. The SC103D has high marks for the effortless installation, solid build, and excellent value offers.

Removable cargo area cases such as the SC103D are handy if there is a need for extra space. Mounted underneath a tonneau cover will add security or protection for all things in the pickup trunk. The SC103D also installs even over a sprayed-on bed lining.


  • Most people who purchased them have been grateful for the product’s design and storage capacities, which they claim have given them additional secured locker spaces. Some were even surprised by its capacity.
  • For security reasons, the lid is lockable, and there is also an included lock for the hinge to prevent and deter any mischief.
  • The package includes all brackets and hardware, including the self-drilling screws to facilitate easy installation. Guides are in the included literature for specific measurements. This video from YouTube can serve as a guide for the installation process.
  • Owners have been vocal on the SwingCase’s advantages in keeping otherwise loose articles and equipment such as tie-down straps, cord, and small implements. They are grateful that their things are easier to reach. Easier to grab items from as the truck fender tool boxes are near the tailgate.


  • Noted were some issues on a cracked lid and body of the device. But so far has been limited to quite a few reviews only.
  • One still has to drill holes with the included self-drilling screws, though this has become a minimal issue amongst owners based on comments.
  • The SwingCase SC103D wheel well storage box is of plastic construction, and some reviewers even noted that it is of a thin plastic material.
  • The price of the SwingCase SC103D has also been an issue for some who have bought it, though, in the end, they still liked the product for their intended purposes.

Best Whell Well Truck Tool Box For 2016-2021, 2022 Nissan Titan  – Undercover SwingCase SC502D

The Nissan Titan is a Full-Size pickup that has also made its mark in the North American car market. It is just appropriate then that a wheel well caddy manufactured by Undercover for the Titan found a place in the market, too. Marketed under the name SwingCase SC502D it fits Nissan Titans from model years 2016 to 2021, 2022 and installs on the driver side of the bed.

Customers rewarded the SC502D SwingCase with high scores on maximum load capacity and effortless installation. A customer noted that the SC502D wheel well toolbox made equipment access easier.


  • Reviewers and customers were impressed with the SC502D pickup lockable cases able to organize all the things that stay most of the time on the bed. They were happy that there is an easy-access compartment for ropes, jumper cables, and other light items.
  • Quite a number have said that the SwingCase wheel well truck tool boxes are a lot of help, albeit for light things only.
  • Installation of the storage units is an easy job, there is no need for special tools and other gadgets. Installation videos also show that one can single-handedly install the SwingCases without any help.
  • The hardware needed for installation is all included in the package. There is no need to buy anything from hardware stores or anywhere.


  • Some reviewers have pointed out that supplied screws easily break, and that they must buy replacement self-tapping screws elsewhere.
  • Owners noted that one need to drill pilot holes on the sides for mounting, pilot holes serve as guides and will provide a starting point for the self-tapping screws. This did not, however, seem to be an issue for most customers. Coating the drilled holes with sealant or anti-rust also minimizes or eliminates concerns of metal deterioration.

Best Truck Wheel Well Tool Box For 2019 – 2020 Ford Ranger – Undercover SwingCase SC206D

The SwingCase SC206D fits the new Ford Ranger since its re-introduction in the domestic auto market. The Ford Ranger version of the wheel well tool boxes installs well even if there is a spray-on liner.

The Ranger-specific wheel well storage easy access compartment easily installs thru the pre-existing mount holes. Thus, there is no need to drill new holes just to install the unit. The capacity of the truck fender tool box maximizes at 75 pounds of gear and items. The lid is lockable and has a liner for waterproofing.


  • Buyers of the new Ford Ranger can install the SwingCase SC206D without drilling new holes on their pickups since the plastic chests use pre-drilled holes on the current Ford Ranger line-up. The bracket can use the holes of the tie-downs in the cargo area. One can remount the ring by putting it on top of the manufacturer supplied bracket. The owner can use the tiedown bolts instead of the supplied materials.
  • Members in Ford Ranger forums have commented that the wheel well truck box is easy to install and will not necessarily need special devices. A YouTube video here shows how easy the portable locker is installed on a 2019 Ford Ranger.
  • Reviewers also added that the SwingCase wheel well boxes are sturdy and secure places for their tools that they need to access every day.
  • Some pickup owners who only bought one have plans of purchasing the other half of the pair for additional storage console outside the pickup cabin.
  • Many reviewers have stated that the SC206D provided them another way to store various stuff and other light equipment they needed as everyday carries.


  • Some customers are disappointed that the bracket obstructs the power outlet on the driver’s side which is a useful accessory for most. Commenters however noted that it would be wise to purchase the passenger side version in cases like this.
  • Some have issues with the sturdiness and robustness of the product and whether it could hold much cargo in various terrains, especially when one has loaded the maximum of 75 pounds in the tool bin.
  • Some reviewers have written that there are misalignments of mounts and mounting holes of the brackets of wheel well cases, also a concern especially for one which has been loaded.
  • A forum member also lamented that he had to cut or trim his drop-in liner to accommodate the SwingCase caddy to mount it flush on the truck bed.

Best Truck Wheel Well Tool Boxes For 2019-2021, 2022 Dodge Ram 1500/2500 Undercover SwingCase SC302D

The innovative SwingCase SC302D is for the later models of Ram pickups from 2019 to 2021, 2022. It mounts on the driver side of the pickup bed. The SC302D locker has a weather-tight lid to ensure gear and item protection against the elements and keep them dry.

Customers have given high marks for the truck wheel well toolbox SC302D especially, in terms of the installation process. One customer wrote that he was able to fit three sheets of plywood without removing the SwingCases. They are also easily removable to accommodate larger and bulkier items.


  • Customers mostly have positive reviews on the SwingCase SC302D truck wheel well storage. They like how it swings out for easy access to equipment and other items stored in it and can be removed easily on occasions that would need to transport large items such as sheets of plywood.
  • Customers have been careful not to overload the SwingCases and as much as possible not reach its 75-pound limit, and it would be easier to remove from its hinges if there are only light items stowed in it.
  • A lot have commended that the SwingCase portable truck bed tool box latches effortlessly in and out of its place so long as it is not overloaded.
  • Its ingenious design of finding a use for the space between the wheel well and the tailgate gained positive reactions from reviewers. This space is usually under-utilized.
  • Installation was also easy as all needed hardware is in the package already. All that is needed are the necessary devices for installation. Here is a video form YouTube showing the installation process of a SwingCase SC302D wheel well box on a Ram TRX. Notice that a liner is installed also.
  • Mentioned in the reviews is the available locks on the SwingCase, which adds to a secured cargo locker. This deters attempts of thefts on your belongings.


  • The only lament of o truck owners is that the SC302D blocks the cargo lights, which are practical accessories at night. One also would not be able to use a bed extender with the SwingCase 302D installed.
  • The need to drill six holes per unit for its installation disheartened some as they do not want drilling. However, some would not mind the drilling of installation holes as these can also be covered by a spray-on liner and coated with other material to deter the formation of rust.
  • The SC302D also blocks the cargo tie-downs on the bed when installed, which has been an issue in Ram Truck forums.

Best SwingCase, Wheel Well Tool Box For 2017-2021, 2022 Ford F-250/350  – Undercover SwingCase SC205P

The wheel well storage truck box SC205P fits the passenger side of 2017 to 2021, 2022 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty. The paraphernalia locker rests on the usually underutilized space between the wheel well and the tailgate. It does not stick out, but it is also removable should there be a need to load bulky items.

Installation is easy as it uses pre-existing holes on the sides of the cargo hold. There is no need for drilling and special equipment to mount the unit. A tonneau cover will not be a hindrance as it even complements the gear locker for additional security for the contents.


  • Many customers have believed the SwingCase SC205P is easy to install. They also mention that all the hardware needed in the installation process is in the package already. Many owners have also written that installation did not take too long and would not even reach 30 minutes tops.
  • In the installation process of the wheel well toolbox, there is a need to remove the tail lights to gain access to two existing bolt holes. These holes are where the brackets are supposed to be bolted, thus eliminating the need to drill into the metal. For a proper visualization of the installation process, here is a YouTube video showing how it is all done.
  • Several customers have been raving about the SwingCase Truck wheel well toolbox since it has given them new storage spaces. Spaces that have not even existed before. They see the compartments as convenient additions to their pickups.


  • Some customers have observed that the SwingCase SC205P is small for their vehicles, and there is a gap between the actual wheel well and the wheel well cutout. The extra gap may have been further utilized by increasing the lengths of the toolbox.
  • A few remarks focused on the material used on the locker itself as being made of thin plastic and not worth the price. The thin plastic might not hold up to the maximum weight limit of 75 pounds, especially when things just shift around during trips.

Best Pickup Bed Storage Box For 2019-2021, 2022 Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra 1500 – Undercover SwingCase SC104P

Wheel well truck tool boxes such as the SwingCase SC104P are secured cargo area lockers for the 2019 to 2021, 2022 GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado. It is best to install on vehicles with bed cover for the added security.

The pickup wheel well tool box SC104P can accommodate 75 pounds of different items and equipment that could otherwise spoil the interior of your truck. Customers gave the SC104P tool caddy high marks solely for its capacity and the easy installation process that many describe as effortless.


  • As with other SwingCases, The SC104P wheel well truck tool box has is easy to install. Many customers attest to this. One recent comment indicated that he was able to install his in two minutes.
  • Customers were also one in declaring that the SC104P works as designed. They remarked even further that it is a perfect container for those who need to organize their things and other items lying around the truck.
  • The locking mechanism that ensures the case stays in place is also one factor commended by customers. The lock prevents the gear caddy from swaying uncontrollably.
  • The lid lock was also a welcome feature, though as one customer wrote, it is an added security feature since his SwingCase is under a tonneau cover.


  • Customers have observed that the caddy blocks the cargo light and the power socket. An issue for some owners, but some have also noted that one can only swing the locker open to allow full access to the two special features.
  • Some reviewers are critical of the brackets that came with the package, saying they either break or bend easily from use. One customer also mentioned that he does not overload his.
  • Gaps between wheel well and kit case did not escape scrutiny from some customers. They are not happy with the design given the prices of the truck wheel well storage boxes. Such customers expected the product itself to be mounted to the bed as flush as possible.

Best Fender Wheel Well Truck Tool Box For 2004-2015 Nissan Titan – Undercover SwingCase SC500P

The UnderCover SwingCase model SC500P mounts in 2004 to 2015 model Nissan Titans. As the name implies, the caddy rests on the passenger side. It complements the SC500D that mounts on the driver side of the motor vehicle. The SC500P is installable on pickups with tonneau covers and existing spray-on liners.

These kit bins are extra handy in organizing the pickup and keep most things from littering and moving around the bed when driving. It also saves time when looking for items that can be misplaced.


  • Forum members have posted that the SwingCase SC500P for the Nissan Titan are a place to stow towing paraphernalia, straps, ropes, and hand gloves, to name a few examples.
  • They have also posted that the installation was easy to undertake, and it was only sad that they must drill some holes for the brackets. Cutting or trimming a plastic liner may have to be done if the truck has a drop-in plastic liner.
  • The bedside storage lockers are also commended for their easy access and reach. One highlight for this is that these swing out for easy access, especially under a tonneau cover.
  • Some commented that SwingCase kits are sturdy and waterproof. There were also praises on the hinges and locking mechanism. The hinges allow for easy removal should there be a need to haul large items.
  • Noted also was that the SwingCase wheel well truck boxes work with the Nissan UtiliTrack, they just have to be latched in position when using the Nissan Accessory.


  • Noted in the forum were some cases of shaking of the tool kits even while latched to their brackets during trips. Though, improper installs may have caused these rattles.
  • The SwingCase SC500P wheel well storage cases also block the tie-down fasteners on the sides of the bed, They will however work with the brand’s UtiliTrack.
  • Pickup cargo area power outlets can also be blocked by the tool box from UnderCover, however, one can easily swing out the case to access the outlet.
  • There is also a concern about the bed extender, which will not work well with the wheel well truck box. The bed extender eats into the space where the cases are mounted.

Best Truck Wheel Well Tool Box For 2019-2021, 2022 Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra 1500 (Drivers Side) – Undercover SwingCase SC104D

The SC104D SwingCase fits in the usually under-utilized space between the wheel well and tailgate of the 2019 to 2021, 2022 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500. A tonneau cover will also add to the security of the cargo and items in the locker. The SC104D also installs on a bed with a spray-on liner.

Customers gave the truck wheel well box high marks for its load capacity, effortless installation process, and for practicality it adds. It is removable if there is a need to move bulky and hefty items. Otherwise, it helps in organizing and minimizing stray items.


  • Like the SC104P, the SC104D is easy to install, even when there is an installed liner. Many reviewers attest to this as they were able to do the installation with their liners on.
  • A guide hole will help in the initial install process, and then there is a need to drill holes with the included self-drilling screws.
  • Reviewers have lauded the fact that the SwingCase SC104D wheel well toolbox installs even under a tonneau cover, which for some is an advantage as it provides additional security and covers the fact that you may have valuables stored in the bin.
  • Many also commented that the SwingCase wheel well storage is a welcome addition to their pickups since it provides them an organized bed and an accessible compartment.


  • The SwingCase plastic compartment blocks the cargo light in this case, but one can easily swing it out if there is a need for illumination. SwingCases can be removed easily for this purpose.
  • There is a need to drill holes onto your truck bed area, which is understandable for some, but a let-down for others. For some, this can be remedied with anti-rust coatings or solutions to minimize the rusting of the area around the holes.

Storage Box for Truck Bed Alternatives, Your other Choices

The pickup storage boxes market has accommodated several manufacturers that offer a variety of designs. Their products cater much to almost the same needs but delivered in different ways. The truck wheel well storage chests mentioned are made from different materials, aluminum and plastic being the most common. These materials were chosen mainly due to their relative strength.

Furthermore, the design approaches have also differed, though some of the competitors also adapted the same design language as that of the SwingCases manufactured by UnderCover. In the following list there a four truck bed bins made of plastic, and one made of aluminum. Four of the pickup bed storage boxes have similarities with the SwingCases. The one manufactured by TruXedo, another well-known accessories manufacturer and supplier, has adapted another design strategy.

As mentioned, presented below are some of the most innovative cargo box designs in the truck aftermarket today.

TruXedo TonneauMate – Removable Tool Box for Truck Bed

This tool box is a nearly universal fit for almost all full-size pickup trucks. Truxedo is the company behind the TonneauMate storage bin. The company has been in the business of truck accessories since the year 2000. Truxedo released its very first product to the market that year. Since that time, they have developed more aftermarket products for the truck market. One of these is the TonneauMate storage bin.

It is to cater to full-size truck owners who yearn for a lockable and generous chest bin. This tool box’s approach is radically different from side mounted tool cases. The TonneauMate spans the whole width of the truck bed, thus giving a hefty volume of secured storage for the customer. The product has a 2-year warranty and a load rate of 250 pounds.


  • Customers say that it is a perfect solution for not removing their tonneau cover entirely when they need to get something from the toolbox.
  • They are surprised that the tool box for the truck bed installs easily under the tonneau cover but still manages to allow a gap with the truck bed floor. The allowance or space gives room for lengthy cargo since these can slide under the TonneauMate without hindrance; thus, it does not diminish the functionality of the truck bed.
  • Customers like it that there is no need to drill holes in the truck bed to install the box, thus, minimizing modifications on the truck body which may void warranties, if still applicable.
  • Mounting brackets are adjustable and fully lockable to secure the toolbox from sliding sideways during trips. A customer also remarked that it is easily removable and that loosening four screws will do the trick.
  • Many customers have also remarked that the tool bin is easy to install. One remarked even that it took him only twenty minutes to install the unit. There is not even a need for help in installing the tool box despite its size.
  • It can be mounted on any full-size truck bed. It is not brand specific as its fit is universal.


  • Some customers find it a disadvantage that the TonneauMate storage box for truck bed takes up some space in their pickups, though this is not a crucial issue to most.
  • Noted also were remarks regarding the thin plastic material used for manufacturing the TonneauMate. They fear that it will not hold up well in the long run.
  • Some also commented that the included clamps to hold it in place easily dislodge, which may cause some damage not only to the box but also on the things inside, especially if these are a little on the heavy side.
  • The TruXedo TonnaeuMate can also limit the number of long cargo one can carry since it only allows a few inches of gap.

Dee Zee DZ95B Gloss Black Wheel Well Tool Box

Dee Zee is currently one of the major manufacturers of aftermarket accessories in the vehicle market. The company was established in 1977 and has become a well-known and trusted brand in the industry. The company’s facility is in Iowa, with over a million square footage of manufacturing space.

The company has also developed a wheel well toolbox that it has introduced in the market to rival those from UnderCover. Their version, though also taking advantage of the spot between the wheel well and the tailgate, is of aluminum manufacture. It also takes shape and conforms to the general shape of the said space. However, it is not brand specific and can fit in almost any pickup truck bed.


  • A piano hinge attaches the lid to the body of the tool chest, that almost spans its length. A rubber gasket lining is placed around the edges to keep moisture out and keep the contents dry. A lock placed in the middle of the lid, provided its own cover, provides the safety of its contents.
  • The wheel well tool box fits on all pickup cargo beds with a universal fit, the mounts are not brand or make specific like the ones by UnderCover.
  • There were remarks by customers that it is easy to install and will not take much of the truck owner’s time with the proper tools.
  • Being made of aluminum, it is perceived to be on the sturdier side. It is powder-coated to help resist any mishaps that might befall the tool bin.


  • The toolbox is planted permanently on its brackets, unlike its competitors which have brackets that allow them to swing from their mounts toward the tailgate. The lid of the Dee Zee wheel well tool box opens from the outside of the fender. This means that you must reach in from the outside or go up the bed and get the tools from there.
  • Some reviewers have noted the thinness of the metal or the aluminum of the storage box. This could very well lead into bent cargo bin surfaces. This also limits the weight of the cargo or equipment that can be placed inside the box.
  • Some customers were disappointed that their wheel well toolboxes arrived with some dents. Dents on the lid can compromise the seal which was meant to keep moisture or water out of the tool box, thus making the cargo susceptible to water damage or even rusting.
  • It should be anticipated that there is going to be some drillings done on the insides of the truck bed. This will expose the metal of your truck which may eventually lead to some damages.

Speedmotor Lockable Truck Bed Side Storage Boxes

This pair of Speedmotor branded tool boxes are specific to the Dodge Ram trucks from the year 2002 through 2018. Remarkably like the UnderCover SwingCases in form and function, the design allows the wheel well truck boxes to also swing out of the cargo area for easy access to its load.

These swing boxes are made of plastic, but their brackets are of metal construction. The hinge assembly upon which the bin attaches to is also of metal construct, making it sturdier for prolonged usage.

The package also comes complete with all the hardware and materials needed for installation. All that are needed are the tools that you already have.


  • Reviewers take to the fact that the Speedmotor storage boxes are easy to install and would take no more than fifteen minutes for each box. A feat that is attainable given that all hardware needed for the installation are already included in the product package.
  • Some reviewers are grateful to the fact that these products have utilized the unused space in their cargo beds. The said space is usually neglected and sometimes, not even used. This product, they say, has given a channel to make use of the said space.
  • The wheel well toolboxes from Speedmotor are packaged in pairs. An advantage for customers which allows them to spend less on shipping fees.


  • A good idea sometimes gets tainted with a little let-down. A customer has pointed out that he had to cut his bedliner to properly mount the storage boxes. It was reported that the brackets do not sit well with the curvature of the surface of the bedliner. Thus, to have a proper and flush fit, the bedliner must be trimmed down a bit on places where the bracket needs to be mounted on.
  • Aside from the bedliner cutting, there is also a need to drill into the truck bed metal. These will act as mount-holes for the brackets of the cases.
  • The cargo case covers the LED bed light on the cargo bed. This feature is helpful especially if there is a tonneau cover or at night. However, one commenter said that all that is needed is to swing away the cases from their latches to access the switch and allow unhindered illumination of the cargo area.

A-Premium Lockable Truck Bed Side Storage Boxes

There is also a wheel well tool box for GM trucks, the one presented here is from A-Premium kit. It is compatible with the Chevrolet Colorado and the GMC Canyon from 2015 through 2020. This model is for driver-side install and as with other similar products, the A-Premium pickup wheel well toolbox comes with all the necessary parts included. Common among products in this category is their ability to keep moisture out and maintain their contents dry. Plastic is the primary material used in the construction of the tool chests.


  • A couple of users have attested that the A-Premium Storage Box can be installed on truck beds even if there is a bedliner installed.
  • Customers remark in the forum that keys are provided for each chest bin, though one customer answered that the lid key provided for the driver side box also works on the passenger side case.
  • Just like the SwingCases, these products swing out of their latches towards the tailgate for a better reach on tools and equipment. Making it a lot easier for the truck owners to access the tools or equipment of their trades.


  • Trimming or cutting an installed bed liner was also mentioned, this apparently allows for proper latching on the lock mechanism and for a flush mount on the truck’s cargo bed.
  • Drilling into the truck bed is an inevitable option. The cases mount on brackets that must be fastened to the truck bed sides using the included self-tapping screws.
  • There is not much information from truck forums regarding the A-Premium wheel well truck tool boxes.

LucaSng Truck Bed Wheel Well Storage

The LucaSng Tool Box will fit the 1500 to 3500 variants of Dodge Ram from year models 2002 through 2018. The LucaSng bins are specific to the Driver Side and the Passenger Side of the truck box. The product seems to have come from the same mold as the Speedmotor and A-Premium truck wheel well toolboxes. Also made of plastic material, the LucaSng case flows in the usually unused spot rear of the wheel well. Similarly, this version also swings out towards the user for easy access to all its contents.

The box also mounts on the inside truck fenders through brackets which bolt to the truck using self-tapping screws penetrating the metal. Included in the package is the necessary hardware for installation.


  • The installation process remains the same as with the other cases since all the hardware that is needed are included in the package already.
  • There is a dimple at the rear post of the truck bed, per a customer, that serves as a guide to the installation. You can then use the self-tapping screws to mount the brackets.
  • For one reviewer, brackets and mounts allow for adjustments before final mounting, providing an excellent fit. These allow for refining the fit and installation of the tool bin, minimizing errors and misalignments along the way.
  • Some in the forum also noted that the LucaSng box is way cheaper than the SwingCase model at nearly half of the latter’s cost.
  • The boxes are also easily removable to accommodate bigger and wider cargo on the truck bed. As effortlessly as they are removable, these tool bins are also easily mountable on their hinges.


  • A customer who has two opposing boxes installed lamented that this reduced the usable width of the truck bed, which certainly becomes a downside especially when hauling relatively wide items that can span the width of the truck bed.
  • Some customers complained that there are no installation instructions or literature included in the package. It is not uncommon to reference instruction videos or other manuals found on the internet for similar products.
  • An issue regarding the packaging came up in the comments section. Some customers criticized the packaging, as well as not receiving the other part of the pair.
  • There were also concerns that the wheel well tool box covers the truck bed LED light when installed. However, a simple solution to this is to let the case swingout so the bed lights can illuminate the cargo area.

YHTAUTO Driver Side Truck Bed Storage Box

The YHTAuto version of the wheel well truck box is also for the Dodge Ram Pickup truck from 2002 to 2018. Same as the LucaSng. It also remarkably like the previous three presented models. The case material is plastic. It swings out of its perch so the user can easily access the cargo box and reach into your things.

Much like the previous products presented, the YHTAuto case sits flush into that mostly underused portion of the truck bed. However, the swing box will cover the truck’s bed light when latched into place.

YHTAuto manufactures various other automotive-related parts that are mostly OEM replacement products that range from Cooling Systems, Engine Parts, Under chassis parts, and Engine parts, to name a few.


  • Comments of praise abound on the easy installation process for mounting the boxes on the Ram Pickup Truck beds. Proper mounting of the case requires no special tools. Drilling into the truck bed seems to be a non-issue for them.
  • Though there were no instructions included in the package, customers noted the good customer service they experienced from the company regarding installation of the unit. The company sent installation instructions thru email when asked.
  • The storage cases were easy to swing in and out of their brackets. A pull handle located at the bottom of the case facing the tailgate connects to the latch lock. All one has to do is pull the handle and this will unlock the case from the bracket, letting it easily swing out towards the user.


  • Cargo hooks became inaccessible with the YHTAuto pickup storage boxes installed. However, being easy to remove from their hinges, the cargo hooks can then be accessed when needed, especially when hauling bulky cargo which need to be secured on the bed floor.
  • Commenters also did not take well on the plastic material used in the wheel well tool boxes and might not hold as much.
  • Having no installation instructions in the package frustrated some customers, but some have nevertheless left good comments for the literature of instructions sent through e-mail.

Truck Wheel Well Tool Boxes – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Wheel Well Boxes useful?

A: Truck wheel well storage cases are custom fit plastic lockers that fit between the wheel wells and the tailgate. They fit flush on that usually under-utilized part of the vehicle. These caddies also secure small tools and items from littering the cargo hold. They help minimize litter, loss of small equipment and save time and effort in locating such small items which otherwise lie around the cargo area.

Q: Can any wheel well truck box fit on my bed?

A: As much as units from various vehicle manufacturers differ in many ways, pickup storage boxes are also distinct in design and dimensions. The design and measurements of each SwingCase derive from the dimensions of the pickup it fits in. It is best to be extra careful in choosing your SwingCase lockable bin as they are custom-fit to each vehicle’s model and variant.

Q: Would there be any problem if I decide to get a wheel well truck box even if I have a tonneau cover?

A: The tonneau cover can accommodate SwingCase wheel well storage bins. In fact, it is better to have a tonneau cover since they provide extra security for your items, aside from the lockable lids of all SwingCase models.

Q: Are bedliners compatible with wheel well tool boxes?

A: There are two types of bedliners that are compatible with SwingCase caddies. Spray-on liners accommodate the swingable lockers easily and there will be no need for any modifications. However, drop-in liners are a different story. Since they cover pre-existing holes and are thick, a cut must be made on a portion of the plastic liner for them to install flush to the sides. Here is a video from YouTube detailing the installation process with a Drop-in liner.

Q: How much can I load in my truck wheel well box?

A: Cases such as the SwingCase models from Undercover have a load capacity of 75 pounds. It is best to observe this limit to preserve and enjoy your kit lockers for a long time. The same goes to the other similar products such as the YHTAuto tool kits which can also hold a maximum of 75 pounds.

Q: What are my choices for pickup storage boxes?

A: Numerous similar products to the SwingCase have been developed and are available in the truck aftermarket. Such products which seem to have taken design cues and produced from the same molds are those from LucaSng, Speedmotor, and YHTAuto. These work like the UnderCover SwingCases, from the latches to the brackets. There are, however, alternatives. Amongst these is the Dee Zee aluminum wheel well box. Despite having the same design approach, do not swing out for easy cargo access. And then there is the TruXedo TonneauMate, which has an entirely different design from the others. It is not also brand-specific, and it can be mounted on most full-size pickups in the market today.

Truck Wheel Well Tool Boxes – Our Final Thoughts

The SwingCase wheel well truck storage units present a solution in bringing organization into the bed of practically any pickup manufactured since the 1990s. Many products for this purpose abound in the aftermarket, but these easy lockers put forward all things and devices towards the owner, eliminating the need to reach out towards the cargo bed, which is a downside if one is in a hurry. As many as there are truck makes and models, there are specific SwingCase models made for each one. Thus, we prepared this list of twenty-two wheel well boxes for you and your pickup.

These bins, in one form or another, are very versatile and practical accessories for truck owners. Said toolboxes must be easy to operate and maintain, requiring no special maintenance programs. Used not only for storing tools, equipment, and other tools of the trade, some users have also transformed the boxes into coolers for drinks. An idea that will fuel tailgate parties in years to come.

The TonneauMate cover by TruXedo, however, provides a different approach in solving the tool management problem. It is installable right next to the truck cabin front, middle, or even right beside the tailgate. It spans the whole breadth of the bed, providing a cargo volume more than three times a SwingCase allows.

With all these choices and alternatives, your choice shall depend on specific needs, as well as what brand and model of truck you drive.

A pickup truck bed storage box is an accessory that makes life and work easier for all. Pick up one now!

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