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Today we compare the Cherry Bomb vs Magnaflow mufflers to determine the most suitable for your automobile. This is a must-read for any car sound lover.

When making a shopping choice for a muffler, varying exhaust brands like the Cherry Bomb vs Magna flow constitute the list.

Efficiency, tone, and compatibility with a specific car model are the crucial qualities every car owner searches for in an exhaust system.

Different exhaust brands exist in the market, but these two would take our focus because we’ve decided to jump on this review and lead you through which brand fits your car better.

If you are searching for affordability, rich sounds and striking designs in a muffler, the Cherry Bomb and Magnaflow exhaust brands got you covered. 

However, through meticulous research, we have identified certain unique features peculiar to each brand – Magnaflow vs Cherry Bomb, and we would love to share our findings with you so you can make the best shopping choice.

Battle of the Mufflers:
Cherry Bomb vs Magnaflow

Cherry Bomb vs Magna Flow Exhaust Review


Alternate Exhaust Mufflers Review

Magnaflow Glasspack VS Cherry Bomb Glasspack

Glasspack mufflers are go-to mufflers for affordable pricing and deep car tones.

Although, the question about your car fit between Magnaflow Glasspack vs Cherry Bomb Glasspack would receive an answer within this review.

Cherry Bomb Glasspack

Cherry Bomb is the exhaust brand for a wide range of awe-inspiring, throaty sound, living up to the expectation created in their tagline – ‘disturb your peace.’ Cherry bomb mufflers are well known for the aggressive sound they produce, customers of the brand like to refer to these sounds as ‘throaty’ or ‘growly,’ and no other description could fit better.

Glasspack mufflers are often referred to as “Cherry Bomb” because the exhaust brand became the first to create these mufflers, continuously redesigned to allow excellent airflow. The red-coated mufflers are produced using high quality aluminized tubing.

Since 1968, the exhaust brand has excelled in its unique niche of disturbing everyone’s peace, until date, this standard has not dwindled. If you need an exhaust brand that would make your car roar loudly while you go downtown, then Cherry Boom got you covered!

Four Reliable Cherry Bomb Glasspack Mufflers

Cherry Bomb Mufflers are notable for their loud rumble, and the 87529 glasspack muffler isn’t left out. The overall length is 23 inches and has a body diameter of 3.5 inches – too long to give a disturbing growl.  It is a perfect fit for the Kia Optima

Reasons you should get the Cherry Bomb 87529CB 87529 Glasspack Muffler

  • Reasonably Loud: Nothing over the top, just the signatory Cherry Bomb deep rumble. Any car lover who wants Cherry Bomb but hates it extremely loud should opt for this!
  • Affordable: You would not have to rob a bank to afford the 87529 glasspack muffler. You can save cost and still own a durable throaty muffler.
  • Universal fit: Ever heard of a ‘one size fit all’? The 87529 is excellent for all car types. You might need to make some special modifications to ensure it fits into your exhaust system, but once done, you are good to go.

Difficulties associated with the 87529 glasspack muffler

  • Inadequate Packaging: Don’t go high on your expectations for some great packaging when ordering this product. Few dents on the product, dusty packaging – these are a huge turn off! With an unclear warranty, nothing else can soothe your disappointment when the packaging goes wrong.
  • Not Bolt-on: Yeah! It’s a universal fit, but specific car types like the 2002 Toyota Camry would require heavy modifications with some additional parts to get it fitted exactly. Weld it in, or else it wouldn’t match.
  • Wrong choice for a quiet ride: Hate growls and all that brassy sound that seeps into your ears while driving? Move on to the next fancy choice! This is not for you!

Worth the buy?

The 87529 glasspack muffler is perfect for anyone who loves it affordable and loud!
Designed in compact body size with an overall length of 12 inches and modified to aid flexible installation, the 87522 glasspack muffler eliminates every fear of heavy modifications and other extra costs of getting additional parts for a proper fitting. With its distinctive red color and straight-through design, you can always expect an adequate airflow from this model.

The pros of the Cherry Bomb 87522 glasspack muffler

  • Reduces raspy drones: Eliminates annoying scratchy sounds and replaces it with a rich, deep rumble that would excite you. Way to go, right?
  • Easy fitting: The 87522 glasspack muffler has a reversible design that aids easy installation for every exhaust system and reduces the risk of an ill-fitted muffler.
  • Great value for your money: A universal fit with little or no installation problems and a price that wouldn’t empty your pockets. This is a great deal!

Cons of the 87522 glasspack muffler

  • Color mismatch: The Cherry Bomb exhaust brand is known for its characteristic red coat on all muffler models. The bold red color is not the best color match for other colored vehicles and requires you to repaint.
  • Bad for extreme weather conditions: The durability of the 87522 glasspack muffler is limited in areas with harsh weather conditions. A poor choice if you live in any of these areas, except you are willing to sign in for the long haul of severe paint peels and faulty mufflers.

Our verdict on this choice

Cherry Bomb 87522 glasspack muffler is an excellent fit for trucks. Its round compact body size and reversible design aids proper fitting and offers an incredible rumble exchange for irritating rasps. It is a combination of a pleasant sound and the loud Cherry Bomb rumble!
This fantastic glasspack muffler beats the price of many competitive muffler brands in the market yet produces an exciting hat rumble. Without mincing words, this glasspack muffler offers you a ‘relatively low cost yet great sound.

Reasons the Cherry Bomb 87521CB 87521 Glasspack Muffler is a great choice

  • Cheap:  Ready to upgrade your exhaust on a low budget? This Cherry Bomb glasspack muffler is affordable and would suit your needs.
  • Perfect Sound: Loud enough for a satisfying rumble. Perfect for drivers with a strong dislike for aggressive, throaty sounds. The cops wouldn’t flag you down for an obnoxious sound.
  • Easy installation: Great fit for most car models and saves extra cost from heavy modifications.

Mishaps observed with the Cherry Bomb 87521 CB 87521 Glasspack muffler

  • Poor packaging and finishing: Receiving your order could leave you disappointed and unsatisfied due to minor dents, sloppy welding, damaged packaging, etc. This Cherry Bomb glasspack muffler has no explicit warranty and puts you at risk of losing your money if the product can’t be returned.
  • Not durable: Its low quality isn’t the best for your engine needs.
  • Small size: In need of a long glasspack for your engine needs? This is not for you

Our opinion

This is the most affordable deal you can find in the market for a glasspack muffler; however, for efficient performance and aggressive sound, this is not ideal for you!

One of the distinctive features of this glasspack muffler is its durability. As opposed to other Cherry Bomb glasspack models that develop fault quickly, the 87510 glasspack muffler has better quality. It leaves you with no worries about getting a replacement before you should.

Gains of using the Cherry Bomb 87510 Glasspack Muffler

  • Excellent Quality: Wouldn’t douse your expectations for a great finishing. This glasspack muffler lasts long and could serve as the perfect upgrade for your engine needs.
  • Perfect price for a low budget: With less than $35, you can get a muffler that gives you the desired loud and throaty combo.
  • Pleasing sound: Get you an 87510 glasspack muffler that turns heads when you drive in, with a nice deep rumble which is low enough to keep you off legal troubles.

Issues observed with using the Cherry Bomb 87510 Glasspack Muffler

  • Paint falls off quickly: The distinctive red paint finishing peels off in a short time.
  • Extra cost: Repainting the glasspack muffler is necessary for long-lasting use, this would incur an extra fee.

What we think about the Cherry Bomb 87510 Glasspack Muffler

One of the best glasspack muffler models, you should include it in your budget for a car revamp.

Magnaflow Glasspack Mufflers

Magnaflow glasspack mufflers are characterized by a reversible straight-through design and the typical glasspack rumble. Completed with an aluminized finishing and a single-stage packing, these mufflers are the most affordable aftermarket mufflers available in the exhaust brand. The 18125 version of the Magnaflow glasspack muffler possesses an overall length of 22 inches and an inlet/outlet diameter size of 2.25/2.25 inches, making it suitable for 2019 Camaro and 1994 Mitsubishi 3000 GT.

The 13123 Magnaflow glasspack muffler stands out in its bright red paint and stainless-steel construction. The muffler competes in the Magna flow vs Cherry Bomb glasspack muffler for striking designs and affordability, but the Cherry Bomb glasspacks are a better choice for your vehicle.

A unique installation procedure by an expert is required for Magna flow glasspack mufflers because they are not a DIY fit.


Glasspack mufflers are marked out for classic rumble and low prices. However, Magnaflow glasspack sound VS Cherry Bomb glasspack sound triggers a need for the best sound fit.

Both exhaust brands weigh equally on the scale of affordability, but Cherry Bomb offers a wide range of slightly varying glasspack mufflers, which affords you the choice of picking a better fit for your car model. MagnaFlow mufflers will require professional automotive knowledge for an excellent installation and have limited models available on sale for a car owner to choose from.

 For the sake of availability and ease of purchase, Cherry Bomb is the way to go!

Striking designs, a distinctive growl, and ease of installation are the specific benefits that make the Cherry Bomb the best choice in the Magnaflow VS Cherry Bomb glasspack face-off. Cherry Bomb glasspack mufflers are highly recommended for trucks, Kia and Camaro

Glasspacks Smithy VS Magnaflow VS Cherry Bomb


These mufflers have been cruised for ages and are known for the satisfactory old school tone they give vehicles. Although through the years, other exhaust brands jumped on better glasspack designs that would suit the sound needs of present-day individuals – this would be seen in the Glasspacks smithy vs Magnaflow vs CherryBomb review. These mufflers were prominent since the fifties and are still available for sale.

Initially, the glasspack smithy mufflers were painted with a hammer-tone coat, but now, a light blue finishing characterizes these mufflers.

The glasspack smithy mufflers are available as steel packs and glasspacks with a length that restricts how loud it gets. They are suitable for drivers that love the old school sound and are best for resto-mods and other older car models like the 1952 Ford pickup, 1951 Chevy 3100, and the 1988 Land cruiser.   


Glasspack mufflers are notable for affordability, so the Glasspack smithy, Magnaflow, and Cherry Bomb models are great for your budget,

However, the glasspack smithy is excellent for old car models from the fifties like the 1956 Dodge and 1955 Fairlane. The Cherry Bomb and Magna flow mufflers are better fit for the latest car models like the 2019 Camaro, the 2013 Kia Optima, and Kia Cadenza.

In terms of sounds, when comparing the Glasspacks smithy vs Magnaflow vs Cherry Bomb, Cherry Bomb and Magna flow muffler are excellent improvements that provide better rumbles and deeper tones.

Magna Flow VS Cherry Bomb Extreme


Magna Flow exhaust brand produces smooth – sounding mufflers that wouldn’t cause you any legal trouble or violate the legal decibel limitations in your area. These exhaust mufflers are constructed with stainless steel and a lasting warranty on some models – a double reliability assurance crossed off your worries.  

Four Best Magnaflow Exhaust Mufflers

The 10416 version by Magnaflow is 4 inches wide, 20inches long and, has an inlet/outlet diameter of 2.5/2.5 inches. It is a universal fit for diverse applications. It is known to improve the performance, sound effect, and style of your vehicle.

The Pros of 10416 performance exhaust muffler

  • Sturdy construction: It comprises a perforated stainless-steel core, which minimizes exhaust backpressure and also supplies more power whenever you throttle.
  • Excellent Resonator: It can act as a resonator by dampening the sound before the exhaust gas gets to the muffler.
  • Compatibility: It installs on a wide variety of brands like the Toyota Tacoma, BMW M5, Wrangler, and several others. The key here is to check the fitment chart provided.
  • Refined sound: The acoustic fiberfill, stainless steel core, and mesh wrap merge to give a fine-tuned deep tone peculiar to Magnaflow exhausts.

The Cons of 10416 performance exhaust muffler

  • Not fit for a 2008 Honda accord.
  • The drone sound is quite loud and overwhelming.
  • Fuel consumption increases as the horsepower increases.
  • The weld on the muffler is of low-quality and will rust when exposed to moisture.
  • Installation is a bit complex and may require automotive knowledge. It involves cutting, welding, and custom fabrication to suit your needs.

Our Appraisal of Magnaflow 10416

This Magnaflow muffler is compact and built with quality materials to last long, even in extreme weather conditions. It is consistent in delivering more horsepower without degrading the sound. However, the fuel consumption of your vehicle will get to its peak.
The deep-toned signature sound is an identification factor in all Magnaflow mufflers. Before you purchase the 12198 mufflers, endeavor to check if its dimensions fit your vehicle application. It is oval and has an overall length of 20 inches and an internal/external diameter of 3/2.5 inches, respectively.

The Advantages of MagnaFlow 12198 muffler

  • Optimal performance: This muffler improves the sound and increases power flow to your vehicle. It is bi-directional and has a moderate sound.
  • Lifetime warranty: This muffler has a lifetime warranty as long as you still own the vehicle.
  • Design and make: It is available in different styles. Its perforated stainless steel core allows for unimpeded flow. The contact points within the system are brought together and welded to avoid distortion. It also has a wide-open performance design, which improves the breathing of the engine.
  • It works great in 2017 Ram 5.7 Hemi and 2013 GMC 5.3L.

The Disadvantages of MagnaFlow 12198 muffler

  • The sound from this muffler is not so great.
  • The welded portions of the lap-joint are not polished and so show signs of corrosion and wear in the long run.

Our Judgment

12198 is a universal fit and possesses a dual and centralized configuration. Although a stainless steel material was incorporated to ensure durability, the welded contact points weren’t. Unfortunately, this still leaves room for wear, thus, shortening the life of the muffler. Be that as it may, Magnaflow 12198 muffler provides ample horsepower and better fuel mileage.

The universal 14832 muffler possesses an inlet/outlet dimension of 2.25/4 inches, center/center configuration, and overall length of 21 inches. This muffler is widely known as a street series muffler. Due to its splendid appearance and sound, it can apply to legal street car racing and pure off-road racing.

The Highlights of this exhaust muffler

  • Quality design: Its polished stainless steel material with welded lap joints and a single straight cut tip gives it a mirror finish and smooth tone. It also has a high free-flow design, which reduces backpressure and heat while yielding more power.
  • Warranty & support: A lifetime warranty covers the muffler.
  • Compatibility: It is for cars with bolt-on performance like the 2005 Honda Accord.
  • Installation: This street series can install in a few hours with essential hand tools.
  • Fine-tuned sound: It possesses a tuner that can balance interior and exterior sounds. It is firmly packed with acoustic materials to ensure that its sound quality is maintained.

The limitations of 14832 muffler

  • The sound of the exhaust muffler may not be as loud as expected for some individuals.
  • The welding work around the stainless steel core looks horrible and may rust with time.

Our overall assessment

The stainless-steel bodywork of this muffler is welded to improve its toughness and durability, especially in extreme weather conditions. Though the pitch of the sound produced by this street series may be minimal to a few, others may consider it too quiet. Regardless of this, you can rely on its ability to produce and maintain a mellow tone.

The 15160 exhaust system is aggressive yet stylish. It comprises of a dual rear exit, a tube of 2.5 inches, and a black tip of 3.5 inches. Peak performance is obtainable from Magnaflow 15160 courtesy its horsepower. All parts of 15160 possess limited lifetime coverage.

The Pros of this axle-back series

  • Outstanding performance: The horsepower, rotation, and linear flow of this exhaust kit are unhampered, thereby making the system efficient. Its outstretched performance power increases proficiency by ensuring the breathing of the engine.
  • Fitment: It adapts an undemanding approach for its attachment. The fitting procedure is made more accessible by the provision of a guide with imagery. It is fit for Jeep wranglers, specifically 2012 to 2018 JK 3.6L V6 and 2007 to 2011 JK 3.8L V6.
  • Higher protection: The satin finishing enables the kit to resist high temperatures of about 1000°F. The black powder embodied in this exhaust system assists in warding off corrosion.
  • Quality design: The high-temperature coat of satin make gives the kit a stylish appearance. The exhaust tube acts as a perfect seal while the steel band clamp adjusts the furnishing to prevent outflow.
  • More nuanced sound: The lacerated steel core ensures delivery of a polished timbre.

The Cons

  • Poor fitment: The exhaust hangers are too short to fit without a few loose ends. In consequence of the poor alignment, the muffler bulges out from time to time. It does not suit a 2016 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.
  • The droning noise is horrible and may require the purchase of a resonator to accomplish quietness.
  • Disappointing Bond: The welding at the lap joints breaks off a few months after installation. They are also prone to corrosion over a long period of use.

Our Verdict

This muffler system offers a practical, smooth, and resonant tone. Although it is fit for Jeep Wranglers, it is application-specific. All you need is to ensure that it conforms with your vehicle’s applications. You can carry out the installation of this muffler at home, so there is absolutely no need for a professional.

Cherry Bomb Extreme Mufflers

Designed with single exit and dual exit models, the Cherry Bomb Extreme mufflers are an improvement on the sound of the glasspack mufflers. These mufflers are available in shorter body sizes with a unique wing design that makes them suitable for race applications.

Three Striking Cherry Bomb Extreme Mufflers

Here is a deal for all race car lovers with a massive obsession for aggressive, brassy rumbles. Designed to boost efficiency and sound, the cherry bomb 7426 extreme muffler model has unique wings and a shorter body size that maximizes exhaust flow.

Benefits of the Cherry Bomb 7426 Extreme Muffler

  • Aggressive growls: Perfect for a wild, loud ride. Boosts sound efficiently and the right deal for race applications.
  • Incredible design: A shorter body size that aids compatibility with most vehicles and a unique wing design distinguishing it from all other mufflers.
  • An excellent substitute for high pitch tones: The 7426 extreme muffler quickly drowns out annoying high pitch tones and raspy drones in your vehicle. You need to get rid of irritating sounds for a smoother and fun ride? This is your ideal choice!
  • Worth the price: It offers the same value as other brands in the market for a lesser price giving you full value for your money. Nothing beats that!

Problems observed with the Cherry Bomb 7426 extreme muffler

  • Violates legal limitations:  Be careful of legal decibel limits in your area, so you don’t have the cops flagging you down or disrupting your ride. The aggressive growl of the 7426 extreme muffler is best for race and off-road applications.
  • Distracts drivers: If you love a quiet ride, then avoid this Cherry Bomb Extreme muffler. The loud rumble could distract your private driving moment and cause you severe discomfort. Opt for another choice; this isn’t for you.
  • Paint peel: Don’t be deceived by the bright Cherry Bomb red; the paint falls off quickly and gets worse in extreme weather conditions. If your vehicle has a visible underbody and you’re considering getting the 7426 extreme muffler for its attractive red color, try out the next option on the list!

Our opinion on the Cherry Bomb 7426 Extreme Muffler

Purchasing the Cherry Bomb 7426 Extreme Muffler offers you great value for your money and an aggressive rumble. An affordable choice for lovers of a wild, sporty ride, as long as you can permanently handle rust and paint peel issues.

With a distinctive dual exit, it is famous for its obnoxious sound, which could keep you continuously breaking all legal decibel limits in your area.

Why Cherry Bomb 7427 Extreme Muffler?

  • Gives your vehicle a better sound: Once you order this extreme muffler, your car is a step away from being a rumbling beast.
  • Excellent finishing: No tales of crappy welding or disfiguring dents.

Problems associated with the Cherry Bomb 7427 Extreme Muffler

  • Burns off red paint: The 7427 Extreme Muffler burns off its red coat when overheated. An extra coating or a repaint could save you this stress!

Our opinion on the Cherry Bomb 7427 Extreme Muffler

The Cherry Bomb 7427 Extreme Muffler possesses a striking dual exit and drowns out unpleasant sounds. Although, its heating issues burn off its red coat and give off an unpleasant smell.

The 7428 extreme muffler announces your presence while you’re several miles away. Its deep, throaty rumble proves the brand worthy of its tagline. With a custom flow tuned design and shorter body size, it has no internal baffles — a tremendous performance boost for a reasonable price.

Benefits of the Cherry Bomb 7428 extreme muffler

  • Deep Aggressive tone: Boosts vehicle sound to the extreme – gets rid of raspy drones, unpleasant high tones.
  • Easy installation: Its unique size and design make it easy to install on most vehicle types.
  • Value for your money: Unbeatable price, yet the 7426 extreme muffler offers as much value as other expensive exhaust brands. This is definitely for you!

Difficulties associated with the Cherry Bomb 7428 extreme muffler

  • Quick Rust: Harsh weather conditions affect the extreme muffler and cause it to rust quickly.
  • Paint peels off easily: The bright red color is deceitful and fades off quickly within a few days. It doesn’t stand the test of time.

Our final verdict on the Cherry Bomb 7428 extreme muffler

Apart from its attractive red paint that wears out and cannot survive extreme weather conditions, the Cherry Bomb 7428 extreme muffler wouldn’t cause you any worries. It boosts your vehicle’s efficiency and gives you an exciting, brassy sound – What else could be a better fit for your engine needs?

Conclusion On Magnaflow VS Cherry Bomb Extreme

Durability is a necessary factor as it concerns the purchase of an exhaust system. In Magna flow vs Cherry Bomb Extreme mufflers, none is entirely free from the hazards of rust and corrosion.

However, the Magna flow stands a better chance of surviving in a fair-weather condition without the risk of cracks or paint peels. Models like the 12198 exhaust muffler have a lifetime warranty that spans through the existence of your vehicle – Hop on this!  

The Cherry Bomb Extreme may have a unique design that attracts many car owners, but an excellent decision involves a long-lasting muffler, not a temporal shiny red coat.

For affordability and excessively aggressive growls, Cherry Bomb overthrows the Magna flow exhaust muffler in Cherry Bomb vs Magnaflow. The extreme mufflers offer a superior sound substitute that drowns out drones and irritating scratchy rasps.

If you like a less throaty ride, Magnaflow vouches to save you the noise with the 14832 exhaust muffler capable of balancing the interior and exterior sounds of your vehicle through its tuner.

The stir created between the Magnaflow vs Cherry Bomb Extreme produces the Magna flow 15160 performance exhaust kit muffler as the perfect option for a performance boost, improved fuel mileage, and more horsepower in Jeep wranglers.

On the other hand, the Cherry Bomb Extreme is a perfect fit for Dodge Challenger and 2000 Silverado.

Cherry Bomb Vortex VS Magnaflow


The Cherry Bomb Vortex is distinguished from other Cherry Bomb exhaust mufflers because it lacks the signatory red paint. It has an oval shape and is specifically designed to produce mellow tones for daily driven cars. The Cherry Bomb Vortex is perfect for car owners interested in a moderate rumble, reduced interior drone, and maximum airflow. The Vortex mufflers are budget-friendly and have a high-temperature protective coating, which makes it last for years! Although the aluminized steel vortex muffler has relatively low sounds, it is quite loud on high rpm. So, if you love the Cherry Bomb brand, but need a softer tone, the Vortex muffler is for you! The Cherry Bomb 88109 Vortex Muffler is an excellent choice for a 97 Tahoe and a Chevy 5.7L 350.


On the scale of durability in Cherry Bomb Vortex vs. Magnaflow, both exhaust brands are considered to last. However, Magnaflow exhaust mufflers cap this up with stainless steel construction and a series of warranty on some of its models. Cherry Bomb Vortex mufflers are an affordable replacement for SUV and Toyota 4runner when comparing Cherry Bomb Vortex vs Magnaflow; they are application-specific for other vehicles, and additional parts might be required to get an exact fitment. Magna flow exhaust mufflers are best for Jeep Wranglers, Toyota Tacoma, and BMW M5 – also engine-specific mufflers, which would involve special modifications to fit other vehicles. Our recommendation on the Magnaflow vs Cherry Bomb Vortex on 4.6 f15 is the Magnaflow exhaust muffler. If you need efficiency, which would result in improved fuel economy and more horsepower, Magnaflow mufflers are your option, but the Cherry Bomb Vortex offers friendlier pricing.

Flowmaster VS Magnaflow VS Borla VS Cherry Bomb

In the Flowmaster vs Magnaflow vs Borla vs CherryBomb, are different choices that suit varying engine compatibility and individual needs. These exhaust brands continuously produce several muffler models for both street and off-road applications. Which is best for you? We find out now!


Flow master is one of the oldest and leading players in the world of exhaust systems and parts. Flow master mufflers have a sound produced from the inner chamber of mufflers, which resonates with every person familiar with the brand – deep and aggressive. 

Generally designed with stainless steel for long-lasting purposes, flow master mufflers are strictly built to enhance performance and power. However, they aren’t budget-friendly because they are for luxury and performance vehicles that demand a defined growl.

Its stainless steel cover protects it from corrosion and severe weather conditions; it also allows for more air and combustion flow.

Two Highly Recommended Flowmaster Muffler Series

The Flowmaster race mufflers – the outlaw, the 30 series delta force, the alcohol race mufflers, etc. are specially designed for race cars and motorsports. Constructed with stainless and aluminized steel, they are durable and are sure to stand the test of time or weather.

The Flow master race mufflers have a distinctive, aggressive sound intended for highway and off-road use. They are not legal for street driven areas with specific decibel limits.

The Flowmaster 15430S Outlaw Series Race Muffler is best for 94 Mustang GT.

The Flow master street chambered mufflers – 40 series data flow, Super 50 series, 50 series Big Block, Super 10 Series, etc. have a specialized technology that controls and reduces internal resonance but provides a noisier external sound. They improve fuel mileage and are the best mufflers for tow vehicles, huge trucks, and SUV The flow master street chambered mufflers are not easy to install; additional parts and modifications are required for welding of these universal mufflers.

Borla Mufflers

Founded in 1978, the Borla exhaust brand broke remarkable grounds in the business of exhaust systems. These mufflers are prominent for their distinctive low rumble best suited for high-end performance vehicles like the Mustang, Camaro, and Honda. The Borla mufflers are void of chambers or internal baffles that might restrict air and combustion flow.

Constructed with stainless steel and designed to pass the durability test against corrosion and other severe conditions, thus putting them on the list of high-quality mufflers. In this Cherry Bomb vs Magnaflow, we recommend the Borla mufflers for high-end performance vehicles because they are famous for increasing a vehicle’s horsepower and maximizing its speed.

The signatory Borla sound is not as aggressive or loud as the Flow master mufflers; this makes it an excellent choice for drivers who detest the aggressive exterior sound of most vehicles.

Three Highly Recommended Borla Muffler Series

The PRO XS mufflers are constructed in two categories – notched and un-notched, to suit the different installation techniques – welding and clamping. They are designed with stainless steel for long-lasting use; you can now ditch all your worries about its quick rust. The Pro XS mufflers provide a low, rich crackling sound and boost horsepower; this triggers your vehicle to move at top speed while enhancing performance. We recommend the Borla 40358 Pro XS muffler as an excellent fit for 06 Tundra.
The Borla crate mufflers are designed for specific engine needs and are not a universal fit. This muffler model provides a million-mile warranty that guarantees you irrespective of whatever harsh conditions you drive in and a brushed- finish stainless steel design you could maintain with the Borla Exhaust polish. Although, the price range of these crate mufflers aren’t budget-friendly and are specifically for vehicle owners who are intentional about purchasing durable, high performance boosting mufflers. Interested in an aggressive, throaty growl? The Borla Crate Muffler is not for you. It has a curtailed deep tone, which is not obnoxiously loud. However, we recommend the Borla SBC Hot 350 383 crate muffler as a perfect fit for 1500 Silverado.
They have a strict design meant to attenuate sound without affecting the vehicle’s performance or efficiency. Built to drown out irritating drones and high scratchy tones, the XR-1 Race muffler is a superb choice for sound control.

Our Final Judgement On Flowmaster Vs Magnaflow Vs Borla Vs Cherry Bomb

In our Magnaflow vs Cherry Bomb review, different exhaust brands and specific muffler models have been outlined to last, reduce back pressure, boost performance and efficiency, and provide aggressive sounds in some cars.

Three exhaust brands in the Flowmaster vs Magnaflow vs Borla vs Cherry Bomb are discovered to provide the best mufflers for motorsports and race applications. The Cherry Bomb Extreme Mufflers, the Flowmaster Outlaw series, and the Borla XR-1 race mufflers are an excellent replacement for highway-driven trucks. A unique aggressive sound that drowns out raspy drones can be associated with the Extreme Muffler and Outlaw series. In contrast, the XR-1 race muffler provides a balanced sound that suits the decibel limits of track applications.

Comparing Flowmaster vs Cherry Bomb vs Magnaflow leaves you with a choice of Magnaflow as the best for Jeep Wranglers, Flowmaster as the best for Mustang, and Cherry Bomb as the best for Camaro.

Be sure to confirm that in the Magnaflow vs Flowmaster vs Cherry Bomb battle, whatever muffler model you choose isn’t application-specific. Professional automotive knowledge is needed for muffler models that are not DIY or bolt-on.  

As long as your budget remains a significant consideration when seeking for the best muffler, the Cherry Bomb models would be your pick in Cherry Bomb vs Flowmaster vs Magnaflow.

Although the Magnaflow exhaust muffler possesses a tuner that balances sound and provides a mellow tone like Cherry Bomb Vortex, the Borla muffler series is the best pick for improved fuel mileage, incredible horsepower, and a balanced interior/exterior sound.

How To Choose The Best Exhaust System

Want to know the truth?

Stock exhaust systems could be quite restrictive, which places a limit on the maximum benefits you could enjoy from using your vehicle.

To record fuel mileage improvement, derive a better horsepower, or get an exciting growl from your car, upgrading your exhaust system is the best bet!

Apart from the personal desire for a new exhaust system, other conditions such as rust or splits could force you to start the search for a reliable exhaust brand. However, an upgrade could be tricky and disappointing if you make the wrong choice.

There are always specific factors you must consider when choosing the best exhaust system for your car. We have compiled a comprehensive guide on some of these factors that would guide you in making an excellent choice. Read through!


The best exhaust system for you has to be compatible with your car model. Recommendations from friends and product descriptions are great, but they might not be the perfect fit for your vehicle model. Consider your car type while shopping for an exhaust system and ensure it is an excellent fit before you purchase it.

Seek the advice of a mechanic expert if you are uncertain about a choice you intend to make, so you do not make a wrong order.

Important accessories

You want to ensure that the exhaust system you choose has all the necessary accessories you need.

The header back exhaust system has the most accessories, replacing everything you need from the header to the tip. However, it is quite expensive since it aids optimum performance.

The cat-back exhaust system only provides for the catalytic converter to the exhaust tip, while the axle-back exhaust system has the most affordable pricing and the least accessories.

Material used

You do not want to miss out on durability, so you must consider the kind of material used for the exhaust systems.

Exhaust systems constructed with stainless steel are the best option because they are rust and corrosion resistant. You would not have to worry about cracks or splits; these kinds of exhaust systems are built to last you for years.

Your needs

Increased torque and horsepower or an aggressive growl that announces your presence three blocks away?

Different models of the exhaust system are beneficial for different needs. Know what you want your exhaust system to do for your car; this will ultimately inform your choice!


Money is an essential factor; you know that too! Your budget would eventually determine the exhaust brand you’d choose. Some top exhaust brands you admire do not go beyond $300, so you need to cut your coat according to your size.

Different models of exhaust system could fit your needs but, the right choice for you have to fit into your budget too; you don’t have to break a bank or spend unnecessarily. Create a budget for your exhaust upgrade and stick to it as you consider different brands.

If you cannot afford to change the entire exhaust system, then you should upgrade only important parts that serve the intended purpose.

Recommended Picks: How The Exhausts Stack Against Each Other

Magna Flow vs Cherry Bomb on BMW X5

Beyond the brouhaha already outlined the battle between Magna Flow vs Cherry Bomb on BMW X5 is between the Cherry Bomb 87522 Glasspack Muffler and the Magnaflow 11226 Exhaust Muffler.

The best cherry bomb vs magnaflow corvette c4 products

As far as the Cherry Bomb vs. Magnaflow Corvette C4 goes, we recommend either the Cherry Bomb 7426 extreme muffler or the Magnaflow 10416 Exhaust muffler. The Borla 40358 muffler is also ideal on the Corvette C4.

Cherry bomb vs Flowmaster vs Magnaflow for Chevelle

Three key products stand out when recommending a chevelle exhaust. They are the Cherry Bomb 87529CB and 87529C glasspack muffler or the Magnaflow 12198 Exhaust muffler or Flowmaster 15802

Cherry bomb muffler vs magnaflow 2.5″ single exhast 350z muffler

On the Nissan 350z single exhaust the Cherry Bomb 87521 or the Magnaflow 11225 are recommended.


Cherry Bomb, Magna Flow, Flowmaster, or Borla – where do we go?

With various models that would suit your car’s compatibility needs, the Cherry Bomb glass pack and extreme mufflers have affordable pricing – certified to disturb the peace of the neighborhood through its throaty growl. For more performance with extra cash, the Flowmaster muffler series is our choice.
However, if you love a less noisy ride and hate the intruding sound that distracts drivers, Magna flow mufflers are the best option!
If you need horsepower, better performance, and ultimate value for your money, the Borla Mufflers are your best choice.


  1. Cherrybomb or CB, has this impression of ‘disturb the peace’ in your neighborhood. It has a loud sound out of the engine and somewhat sounds like the big bike of your friend passing by your house. I think CB is more like for the old school muscle type of cars that can pass like the sound of a hot rod. Where as Maggy (Magnaflow), it is throaty yet smooth exhaust sound. Magnaflow also claims a 10% more horsepower, but you can’t go wrong with either of the two. I have tried using both, each on my own different cars and I can say that it has its own types of personality.

  2. What I observed between the two is personal preference. I agree that both are of good quality. I have Magnaflows and it has a powerful sound and mellow at the same time. I’m driving a Corvette and when an awful loud Mustang rolls by I am reminded that I’m no longer in high school. I can say when choosing the right exhaust it’s like choosing between James Dean or Sean Connery.

  3. I had to go with the Magnaflow. It is discreetly quiet at idle but it is loud once you hit 1500+ rpm. It is very noticeable when you are at 65 mph. Overall it has a nice throaty tone without being too loud or raspy. It is tough to judge the overall performance from just the exhaust. I will say that the combination of all 3 (Intake + Exhaust + Tune) has made a big difference.


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