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Protect your fender with the best Wheel Well trim in the market! Let us show you how in this review. Read on and let us know what you think!

A Wheel Well trim is more than a fancy accessory you order at the market to pimp up the style of your ride. It protects your wheel arch from the mud, debris, and scratches your tires expose during daily trips.

Though they are stylish additions to your car, no one size fits all fenders. Choosing from a long list of options is quite frustrating, but this review promises to select Wheel Well Trim for you.

Top 8 Wheel Well Trims of All Time!

Best Products Quick Reference Table


The 8 Best Fender Flares Trim

This fender flare serves a GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado adequately. It equally has an additional package for a larger size of tire. It is known for providing protection and improving the appearance of the fender.

Highpoints of this Chevy Silverado wheel well trim

  • Hassle-free Installation- The factory holes can mount the trim without the need for drilling or modification. It installs via a DIY approach.
  • Custom Fit- It applies to 1999-2006 Silverado and Sierra 1500, 2500 and 3500 & HD and 2007 GMC Sierra & Silverado Classic models and Fleetside models.
  •  Sturdy Construction- This flare is made with a high-quality ABS plastic to withstand cracking and fading.
  • Excellent Style-To add finesse to this design, it can be custom-painted to match your vehicle color. It also possesses a matte black finish.

Setbacks of GMC wheel well trim

  • The tape does not adhere to the fenders, and so it keeps popping out.
  • The trim is too short, and this makes it unsuitable for 2005 as well as a 2006 Chevy Silverado.
  • You may require a professional to carry out the procedure.

Our Assessment of the Black fender trim molding

Aside from these fitment challenges, this factory paintable fender flare is durable and stylish. It is custom-designed for your vehicle application.
Are you searching for a fender trim molding that you can fix on the go? EZ fender trim is right for you. It is designed with top tier materials to give your vehicle a spick and span, off-road appearance.

Benefits of EZ 1- inch Fender trim

  • Superb Protection- This fender trim molding shields your well from soil deposits, mud, grime, and other materials that degrade the appearance of a vehicle.
  • Easy Installation- If you get irritated by the sight of drilled holes on a vehicles bodywork, This trim will make your day. It is a 1 inch 3 step process that requires no screws or drill.
  • All-Weather control – EZ wheel well trim can withstand car washes, high temperatures, and extreme environmental conditions without causing scratches to your paint.
  • Universal Fit – A roll of this foamy rubber wheel well trim is for two fenders. It is attached to a majority of car and truck models.

Drawbacks of the Universal fender trim molding

  • Insufficient Adhesive power – The trim comes off easily.
  • Not guaranteed for all surfaces-Improper installation or removal of this trim may cause damage to your surfaces.
  • Incomplete coverage – One roll is not sufficient to cover the four fenders of a vehicle.
  • Not fit for a modern Challenger like the Scat Pack.

Our Verdict

EZ trim is not as affordable as it should be; it requires more than one roll to cover the fenders. Despite this, it provides excellent protection while driving over speedbumps and curbs.
Tyger Auto is structured to give the vehicle operator a wonderful off-road experience. It is a 4-set front and rear fender trim with a distinguished textured matte black style.

Potentials of TG-FF6C4218

  • It is fit for 99-07 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra together with 07 Classic models.
  • Warranty – It has limited lifetime resistance against warping, crazing, and chalking.
  • Flexibility & Longevity – This trim is passed through an injection- mold to enhance sturdiness.
  • Standard Installation – This molding needs less than an hour to insert with the hardware included in the pack. It does not require drilling.


  • Critical parts of the fender trim wheel well molding may be missing.
  • It is quite challenging to get it to align with the factory holes. As a result, there are gaps between the fender and the flares.
  • It does not suit the framework of the 2000 GMC Sierra 1500.

Our Verdict

Despite a few fitment and quality control issues, when it comes to elegance, Tyger Auto stands out. It is challenging but, at the same time, sleek, paintable, and protects against Ultra-violet sun rays.
1F-10010 possesses a bolt-on approach appearance. DNA Motoring passes its flares through rigorous testing to produce the best quality without reducing its value.

Advantages of DNA Wheel well trim

  • Design & Durability- ABS Thermoplastic material used for its construction is marked by three features which are; Flexibility, Longevity, and ability to resist cracks and chips.
  • Powerful Shield- This black wheel well trim gives sufficient protection to the wheels against mud, soil, and other substances.
  • Quick Installation-Drilling and other modifications are not needed to complete the procedure. The kit comes with front and rear chrome fender well trim molding, in-built mudguards, and an additional trim for a large tire alongside hardware for putting the flare in place.
  • Custom Fit- You can distinguish the surface of this molding by its outstanding matte black finish. It is paintable to blend with the vehicle. It is for 1999-2006 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500, 2500, and 3500 and 2007 GMC and Silverado Classic 1500, 2500, and 3500HD. It is also a fit for 68.4, 78, 69.2, and 96 inches Fleetside models.

Disadvantages of this fender well trim molding

  • Installation may require the input of a professional.
  • The finishing looks cheap.
  • It isn’t easy to get the holes to line up. It needs trimming.
  • The hardware of this chrome wheel well trim may be defective.

Our Assessment

1F-10010 fender trim molding, aside from its installation hassles, provides a significant extension of the fenders and adds to its aesthetic value.

This sturdy fender flare is built to OE standard to suit the 2007-2013 Chevy Silverado 1500 and 2001-2014 Chevy Silverado 2500 and 3500HD.

Pros of this Silverado Wheel well trim

  • Ample Protection- The construction of this chrome wheel well fender trim is with an excellent poly material. They possess a rugged, bump textured appearance with built-in mudguards and additional wheel coverage.
  • Bolt-on Installation- The hardware for mounting this flare is in the package. The process can be completed either at home or by a professional at an auto center. Following installation, this trim can match the color of the vehicle with the application of paint.
  • Apart from Chevy Silverados, it is also suitable for 6.5 and 8.1ft Fleetside models and Regular and Extended cab models.


  • It is not compatible with dually and crew cab models.
  • The directions for installation are vague.
  • The adhesive for the wheel well trim molding is flawed.

Our Appraisal

Though 1F-10018-MBK can hold out against nicks, fading, and crazing from mud, rocks, and soil thrown at it, it still faces significant fixture problems. However, With DNA Motoring, you get the chance to increase the aesthetic worth of your wheels without drilling your vehicles framework.

It is quite rare to find a fender trim that possesses an OE look and other unique features. It is unsusceptible to fading and has UV protection.

Merits of OE wheel well trim

  • Excellent Coverage-This poly fender trim covers the four tires on a vehicle and an additional large wheel.
  • Impeccable Design- The thermoplastic material used in construction forms the basis for its ability to resist chipping and cracking.
  • No-drill Install-Cutting or drilling is not required to get it to fit the specified models.
  • Custom-fitted- It is fit for application to 2007-2013 Silverado 1500 and 2500/3500 Silverado 2007-2014. This trim is appropriate for fleetside models as well as extended and regular cab models.
  • Unique Style-This OE fender flare is paintable to suit the color of your vehicle. Besides, it has a significant rugged and black bump textured finish.

The Demerits of this Trim

  • It is not fit for a crew cab or dually models.
  • Its shape does not fit a 2010 Chevy Silverado.
  • The kit does not come with an instruction manual.
  • Installation of this molding requires the expertise of a professional.
  • The trim falls off quickly as there is no adhesive within the fender seals to hold it in place.

Our Opinion

This Silverado wheel well trim gives protection from Ultraviolet sun rays. The significant challenges encountered with this trim are in the area of fitment and installation. Nonetheless, engaging the services of a professional for installation will get rid of this problem.
If you are hoping to get a trim for your standard and long beds? Check this out! Monkey Autosports provides a complete pack of molding for the vehicles four wheels. All you need to do is to select a bed size that is right for you.

Pros of this chrome fender trim molding

  • 24 -Months Warranty- Monkey Autosports assures is customers that its well trim is free from manufacturer defects such as warps.
  • Compatibility- It is the wheel well trim for trucks, specifically for 07-13 Chevy Silverado.
  • Sturdy Design- This wheel molding fender trim counteracts any form of impact within its direction. It is resistant to chalking as well as extreme environmental conditions such as heat and cold.
  • No- Pre-treatment needed- The fender well trim molding does not even require pre-sanding before painting.
  • UV protection- The manufacturers use factory treatment of this fender flare against high-intensity sun rays to avert cracks.
  • Easy Installation- Inserting this wheel well trim is easy once the instructions are carried out with the tools provided.


  • This plastic wheel well trim does not fit GMC Sierra and Dually models.
  • The double-sided adhesive tape is weak.
  • Fitment will be tough with accessories like mudflaps and ground effects attached to the fenders.

Our Judgment

This satin-textured trim is lightweight yet rugged and durable. Irrespective of hindrances by accessories or defective adhesives, Monkey Autosports coverage and protection is not in question.
With 97295 fender trim molding installed on the wheel well, the appearance of the vehicle is much improved. Putco offers high quality and a complete pack of 4 trims for your wheels at a competitive price.

The Benefits of 97295 Trim

  • Adequate Protection- This fender trim molding is capable of hiding rust and wears along the edges of your wheel well. It also protects from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.
  • Exquisite Style- It may either come with a high-intensity custom chrome look or a deep black platinum finishing.
  • Durability- The stainless-steel nature of this wheel well trim preserves the useful life of the vehicle and resists rust.
  • Rapid Installation- This fender flare installs directly to the wheel well of trucks without any need for modification.
  • Lifetime Warranty- Putco provides an anti-rust guarantee for all its wheel well trims.
  • It provides fitment for Chevy Silverado models.

The Drawbacks

  • It does not fit the 2014 Silverado perfectly. It leaves a gap between the fenders and the trim.
  • Ensure that the trim is thoroughly inspected for dents and scratches before installation, as it cannot be replaced after installation even if they are warped.
  • The fender flares may require trimming when mounting alongside other accessories like mudflaps.

Our Assessment

Putco’s wheel well trims possess a bold and commanding appearance. Though it may be tasking to get this trim to fit, It is still highly reliable, stylish and provides an easy way to customize your vehicle.

Wheel Well Trim Buyers Guide: Detailed Directory

If you often get troubled about the ravaging effects of gravels, mud, rocks, and other debris on your vehicle, get a wheel well trim. It is the best way to safeguard the metal bodywork and fenders of a car from damage. Not only do they provide protection, but they also give the fenders a unique style. This guide aims towards giving you a broader perspective of the dos and don’ts of fender trims.

What To Look Out For Before Choosing a Fender Trim

What makes an excellent purchase? Detailed analysis of the product you are about to purchase does the trick. Read on to find out more.

  • Compatibility

It is imperative to buy a fender trim that fits the application of your vehicle. This choice should not just be limited to the make and model of your car but also extended to the vehicle year. Also, ensure that the installation of this trim does not violate any road safety rules.

  • Cost

How affordable are wheel well trims on a scale of one to ten? The pricing is relatively dependent on your vehicle specifications. That is, the year, make, and model.

  • Coverage

It would be disheartening to purchase a trim to find out later that there are gaps between the fender and the trim. Take the correct measurement of the length of the trim. If you are keen on changing the entire four wheels, ensure that your kit will contain the complete roll for the whole of the four wheels of your preferred brand. Ensure you get fierce looking fender trims if you have broad tires.

  • Protection

This factor is one of the most relevant that should influence your choice of fender well trim molding. Buy a trim that gives the most protection possible to your fenders and the bodywork as a whole. In as much as you may want a style upgrade, try not to compromise with its ability to shield the vehicle from stones, splashes, rust, and intense sunlight.

  • Material

The majority of the fender trim molding produced today are of plastic or rubber. They provide both flexibility and style. However, it may be necessary to get one that is UV treated as plastic often wears or cracks under intense heat. All other wheel well trims are either made of chrome or stainless steel, which provides durability. Even so, corrosion flaws its design, especially for those with a lot of drilled holes.

  • Installation

When acquiring either custom fitted or universal fender trim, check that it not only suits your style but the vehicle specifications. You get to decide if you want your vehicle drilled or not and if you prefer attachments such as clips, bolts, tape, and many more. In short, buy a trim that installs effortlessly, or seek the assistance of a Pro. Trust me; You do not want to get it wrong or leave gaps between your fenders and the trim.

  • Finishing

Wheel well trim comes with textured, matte, black sandy coats, stainless finishing, and many others. The finishing is subject to your preference. You may also want to color match the trim with the vehicle or leave it with its factory look.

  • Style

There are four major fender trim styles for you to choose from depending on their functions, sizes, installation, and appearances.

A. Pocket/Bolt/Rivet Style

Most of them give an aesthetic appearance of recesses with bolts embedded in it, while some have actual bolts and screws inserted through the holes to the edges of the fender. It may be fastened with clips or drilled. They update your truck to beast mode.

B. OE style

This fender trim can match or look similar to the original equipment. It may or may not be painted. They are capable of hiding damages and rust to give your vehicle an ultra-modern and seamless look. It has a soft or toned-down look that complies with state laws.

C. Street style

This type of wheel well trims sleek yet of a low-profile. Generally, this style of fender trims is street-legal. It is more outstanding than the OE style but not as wide as the Extended style and features easy installation.

D. Extended style

There are no bolts or recesses but are taller and broader than all other styles of fender trims. They provide the most comprehensive tire coverage and are capable of deflecting away rocks from the paintwork of your vehicle. They are loved and widely used by off-road enthusiasts. If you want enormous flares for your big tires, the Extended style is for you. However, this style may require drilling.

Installing A Fender Trim Molding

Inserting a wheel well trim on your vehicle adds more style and rigor to the fenders, thereby increasing its ability to withstand any impact. Fender flare trims are generally installed in two ways depending on the material.


Non-Drill Technique

This method is to attach poly, or ABS plastic wheel well trims and chrome fender trim molding. It is relatively easy and less time consuming (about 10 minutes without painting). Moreover, a suitable approach to adopt is DIY. Go through the following steps to apply this sort of fender trim.


  1. Purchase your preferred trim
  2. Unwrap the roll and hold up against the edges of the fender where it will be attached.
  3. Mark the length of the trim that fits your fender, leaving about 2 inches as excess at each end.
  4. Cut off the marked length while ensuring that it is not warped or twisted.
  5. Clean the application area of the fender well with isopropyl alcohol to get rid of contaminants.

Note: Excessive amounts of contaminants on the surface will reduce the adhesive property of the trim or tape.

  1. Dry the area with a clean cloth material before mounting the trim.
  2. Pre-heat the tape or trim with a blow dryer for about 30 seconds if the temperature is below 21-degree centigrade. Heat makes the trim more flexible for application to a curve.
  3. Peel off the protective backing from the trim and begin to attach the tape at the edge of the fender while still leaving out the excess 2 inches. For a chrome wheel well fender trim, the interior wall contains an adhesive mold.
  4. Work your way through the rest of the trim by peeling off the backing inch by inch.
  5. Hold the trim firmly against the fender for pressure.
  6. Use a straight fender wheel trimmer or scissors to cut off the excesses on both ends.
  7. Repeat the process for the remaining front and rear wheels.

Warning: Do not wash the vehicle for about 2-3 days after installation.

Drill Technique

Suppose you are not well versed in drilling, request for the service of a professional to make the job lighter. This process is mainly for mounting stainless steel fender trim molding.


  1. Place the fender trim over the well to see if it fits. Also, check if the holes align. A trim that is custom-fitted will have spots on the wheel well trim and on the fender where it will be affixed. However, if there are more holes for screws, use a drill to make the extra ones (If you do not distaste drilling holes to your vehicle).
  2. Affix the wheel well trim by placing the screws and nuts or clips into the holes beginning with the middle hole and tighten with a screwdriver.
  3. Clean the surface of the trim to take out any grease or wax.
  4. Paint the trims with approved car paint if you so wish.
  5. Please leave it to dry.
  6. Repeat the same process for the rest of the wheels.

Note: Do not use a Lacquer thinner or enamel reducing agents for cleaning the trim.

Faq About Wheel Well Trims

  1. Which are the best vehicles for f150 wheel well trim? F150 wheel well trim is most suitable for trucks and other ford brands.
  2. How does the ford escape wheel well trim work? Aside from providing a shield to the vehicle wheels, the designs also give the vehicle an exotic look.  
  3. Can I install the stainless steel wheel well trim on my Chevrolet? Yes, when you fix a stainless steel wheel well trim on your Chevrolet, the outlook of your car will give you the proud feeling that it was worth the luxury. 
  4. What function does the trailer wheel well trim do on my vehicle? It secures your trailer from a rocky path when being pullout from where it is stuck. It is also compatible with SUVs.
  5. What is the best wheel well trim for my Mercedes Benz S-class coupe’?  The best wheel well trim for your car brand is carbon-fiber wheel well fender trim molding. This brand gives you five years guarantee. You are at liberty to request a new one if the wheel well trim eventually breaks down before the stipulated five years guarantee elapses. 


It is no doubt that sorting out an essential inescapable car accessory like the wheel well trim is nerve-racking, especially when hard-pressed for time. This review lifts that burden off your shoulders with detailed scrutiny of the top 8 fender trim moldings. More so, outlined here are the essential key components that you need to handpick the fender trim that is right for you.


  1. I have an 07 Chevy Silverado that had an aftermarket wheel well trim that extended halfway to the bumper. When I upgraded my wheels to 305/55/20’s, my tires is kissing the wheel well trims that I had to remove it same with the trailing mud flap. I never knew it will be an issue that I had to source out other oem looking wheel well trim. I’m happy that I found Tyger Auto, it looks like factory installed and it doesn’t rub my wheels. It’s also a good thing that I follow MCrunch, because it is here that I came to know about what’s available on the market for my truck.

  2. I can see that the downside is if you live in Canada where most parts are on snow and salt, the trim will gather it and sneak into the metal making it rusty in no time. I had to spray weatherproofing to prevent corrosion before putting in any wheel well trim. In that way I am able to achieve the look that comes with the trim and at the same time it is protected from rust making it a win win solution for me.

  3. It’s really important to have a wheel well trim for my fender since I have bigger set wheels. It protects the fenders from rock chips, mud splash, and corrosion. It also add extra looking muscle over the fenders that complements the over all look of my truck. This is an added value to the truck and not just added cost to make it look good. It is a functional aesthetic that is worth my money. Thanks to MCrunch.

  4. I had to remove the mud flap in order to install a wheel well trim and I found it hard to reinstall the mudflap because it lost its alignment. I looked around which wheel well trim that would look factory and out of desperation I stumbled on Motoring Crunch. It had recommendations and reviews for the wheel well trim that I was looking for my 2014 Silverado 1500.


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