Best Run Flat Tires

Every second in the US, around seven punctures occur on the road. This means that the annual record of flat tires is over 220 million. This is according to the latest statistics. Every driver will agree with us that you end up with a flat tire at the most inappropriate time and place. When you best road option is calling Roadside assistance when faced with such a situation. Nevertheless, this takes a longer time to get you back on the road. Even if you decided to change them tires when you have a spare one, you might not have the right tools to fit it up.

Nevertheless, if you have mounted your car with zero pressure or run flat tires, a flat tire will be the least of your worries. After a puncture, this type will support the weight of your car. After a flat tire, most cars can get around 50 miles and reach a fitting shop or your destination.

Run Flat Tire Types

You will come across two major types of run flat when you step foot in the aftermarket. These two types perform on different support systems described below:

1. System that is Self-Supporting

The self-supporting tires have a system that has sturdy sidewalls that can support the weight of the vehicle. This is done when the air pressure goes low or if the tires flatten out completely. Once you purchase this type of tire, we advise you to check the owner manual to know exactly how far you can drive with them.

2. Ring System Support

These run-flat tires have a support ring system that has a ring of hard rubber. Sometimes they may be equipped with other durable material whose job is to keep the car in a drivable condition on the road. They do a great job even when there is low or no air in the tire.

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Positive VS Negative Aspects of Run Flat Tires

Positive aspects

  • After a single or a number of punctures and for speeds of up to 50 mph without any pressure, they can be driven up to 100 miles
  • This type is safer generally, even after a blowout or loss of pressure at a faster rate.
  • the weight of the whole car will be lower without a spare tire
  • there will be more space in the cargo area if there is no spare tire

Negative aspects

  • Performance and dynamics is hindered by the unsprung weight
  • shorter treadlife when compared to regular tires
  • Average ride quality especially at lower speeds
  • Limited sizes available in stores
  • they are more expensive than regular tires

The Best Run Flat Tires for BMW Recommended

1. Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ ZP Tire

[amazon bestseller=”1. Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ ZP Tire” items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

Michelin designed the Pilot Sport A/S 3+ ZP as an ultra-high performance all season flat tire for sports cars, coupes and sedans. Not only does this tire provides you with a sporty feel and good performance but delivers perfectly well when no air pressure is left in it as well. It does a very good job in most driving conditions and delivering excellent handling on the other hand. It offers an exceptional grip on wet and dry road surfaces as well. Even when driving on light snow, you will still get an all season traction from this tire. This Michelin model comes with a Hello+ tech that uses sunflower and extreme silica tech in its tread compound. The use for this tech is to enhance traction when driving on both low temperatures and wet surfaces.

The risk of hydroplaning is also reduced by the four circumferential grooves. Its other function is to enhance braking on wet surfaces and aid short braking distances as well. Other technologies include the Variable Contact patch 3.0 tech whose job is to evenly spread its contact patch pressures and temperatures. It is also designed with two steel belts which are high tensile and lightweight. These are reinforced with spirally wrapped polyamide cord for predictable handling and high-speed durability. This is done while delivering ride comfort.


  • Provides you with a sporty feel and good performance
  • Delivers perfectly well when no air pressure
  • It offers an exceptional grip on wet and dry road surfaces
  • An all season traction
  • Enhanced traction when driving on both low temperatures and wet surfaces
  • Risk of hydroplaning is also reduced


  • Average deep snow traction

2. Bridgestone Blizzak LM-25 RFT Tire

[amazon bestseller=”Bridgestone Blizzak LM-25 RFT Tire” items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

Bridgestone engineered all Blizzak model series for exceptional winter performance. The LM-25 RFT model will impress you with performance whether you are driving on snow-ridden roads or extreme weather conditions. This version is like no other run flat. This model for high performance cars is recommended by many car enthusiasts for a fact that it is ideal for great machines like BMW vehicles and the GT-R from Nissan.

This Bridgestone model is designed with an independent block tread pattern that is accompanied with Lamellen edge effect whose function is to offer good steering control. There other functions is to provide a short braking distance, decent traction and reduce the risk of hydroplaning. Even though this model does not come with a tread wear warranty, it performs well on most high performance vehicles.


  • Independent block tread pattern
  • Provide a short braking distance
  • Performs well on most high performance vehicles
  • Decent traction
  • Reduce the risk of hydroplaning

3. Bridgestone DriveGuard Tire

[amazon bestseller=”Bridgestone DriveGuard Tire” items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

In this category, this is one of the best if not the best grand touring tire for BMW sedans and Hatchbacks. This is another model from Bridgestone that provides a safe and reliable driving experience. At speeds of up to 50 mph, the DriveGuard can drive up to 50 miles without giving any pressure to the tire. This is outstanding for the class to say. It is also very responsive on the highway; it also has very high levels of grip and traction. This is done on both dry and wet surfaces.

It provides a very good ride quality for a run flat tire even though the sidewalls are stiffer. Moreover, it does not produce a lot of noise at highway speeds. H, V, T speed rated versions are equipped with a 60,000 miles treadwear warranty. On the other hand, W speed rated versions only come with 50,000-mile treadwear warranty. These warrants are among the best in the run flat category slightly worse snow traction is the only downside of this model.


  • On both dry and wet surfaces, they provide exceptional grip and traction
  • Ride quality is among the best
  • Offers a quite ride
  • Treadwear warrants for all speed rates are impressive


4. Firestone Firehawk Wide Oval RFT Tire

[amazon bestseller=”Firestone Firehawk Wide Oval RFT Tire” items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

This is another ultra-high performance tire but for summer this time around. It can be used as an OE replacement for the Chevrolet C6 Corvettes. Firestone designed this model to focus on delivering responsive handling and traction in dry and wet conditions. On the other hand, this model cannot be used on snow, ice or in near freezing temperatures. This model is equipped with CO-CS that stands for Computer Optimized Component System. This systems work more cooperatively to create a tire that does not significantly sacrifice one area of performance for another.

It is also equipped with O-Bead features whose job is to provide the tire with amore round structure and minimizing overlapped joints in the beads area. This feature also improve ride quality. The other important feature to consider is the L.L Carbon. This feature aids the rubber compound resist microscopic tread tearing. This feature has been molded into the independent block, the directional tread design whose job is to deliver responsive handling in both wet and dry traction.


  • Tread wear is exceptional
  • Excellent steering response
  • Impressive traction
  • Quiet on the highway

5. Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3 Run Flat Tire

[amazon bestseller=”Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3 Run Flat Tire” items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

This is another great winter tire in the category. The Sottozero 3 from Pirelli has been developed for owners of premium, high performance vehicles. The tire sizes for this model range from 17 to 20 inches. They have been designed with self-supporting tech from Pirelli that enhances safety and convenience. At 50 mph, they have a mobility for up to 50 miles. This model utilize an innovative compound that is designed with specialized polymers whose job is to improve the tread rubber compounds mechanical, thermal, and dynamic properties.

The compound of this Pirelli model has been molded in the directional pattern that is equipped with the contact patch that features arrow shaped center blocks. It also has a more rounded shoulder whose job is to flush out water and slush. It is also designed with 3D tech that improves braking performance and snow-to-snow traction. The Sottozero tire is also branded with the 3PMSF symbol.


  • Exceptional dry and wet traction
  • Snow and ice traction is impressive
  • They have a mobility for up to 50 miles
  • Flush out water and slush
  • improves braking performance and snow-to-snow traction

6.Michelin Primacy MXM4 ZP Tire

[amazon bestseller=”Michelin Primacy MXM4 ZP Tire” items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

The MXM4 is the grand touring tire from Michelin that offers a slight better traction than the DriveGuard; though this is the only part, it is better than the latter model. This tire is the way to go if you live in areas with harsh winters. This tire will not only provide you with exceptional ride quality but it also does not make a lot of noise on the highway.

This Michelin tire will also provide you with ample grip and traction on the road. This is done in both dry and wet weather conditions. It also has an exceptional steering response on the highway. Michelin provides a 55,000 miles treadwear warranty on H and V speed-rated models while it provides 45,000 miles of treadwear on W, Y, and Z speed-rated models.


  • Exceptional grip and traction in dry and wet weather conditions
  • In the snow, it has great performance
  • On the highway, it is quiet
  • Steering response


  • Average treadwear warranty

7.Continental ContiProContact SSR Tire

[amazon bestseller=”Continental ContiProContact SSR Tire” items=”1″ template=”vertical”]


The Continental tire company is well renowned for making all kinds of tires. This tire maker was among the first few companies to launch run flat tires. The ContiProContact SSR was Continentals first all season tire for run flat. This tire is engineered with symmetric tread pattern accompanied with notched ribs. The use of these ribs is to give a bigger footprint to the tire. Moreover, this tire is always in contact with the ground.

To evacuate water, slush and mud, it is designed with broad circular grooves. This feature leads to better traction on wet roads. Not only is the driving experience excellent but the car remains stable at all times with this tire. It also provides a great braking distance in the city. Even though they are not the top pick for wet conditions, they perform better than other tires in the category and price. On a low-pressure tire, you get to drive 50 miles at a max speed of 50-mph. impressive 80,000-mile treadwear warranty for the class.


  • 80,000-mile treadwear warranty
  • Evacuate water, slush and mud,
  • The car remains stable at all times
  • Driving experience excellent
  • Provides great braking distance in the city


  • Average deep snow traction

8.Yokohama Advan Sport V105 ZPS Tire

[amazon bestseller=”Yokohama Advan Sport V105 ZPS Tire” items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

This model is one of the best run flat tires in the Advan Series of Yokohama. With ultra-high speed capabilities of over 300km/h, this sport tire is designed to offer good balance, sporty performance, comfortable ride and excellent performance on wet driving surfaces. It is equipped with a rubber that offers high grip for aiding flexibility and strength when fixed on performance cars. The tech this Yokohama tire is designed with is for speed and helps high resistance while accurately simulating the loading stress on your tires when driving on the highway.

The Advan Sport V105 ZPS tire can be fitted with OE approved cars like the Audi A6, A7, S6, S7, S8, Honda legend, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Mercedes-AMG ML63, and Nissan Murano etc. this is for a fact that it combines high performance with run flat tech that offers great handling on both dry and wet driving conditions. The high grip rubber and the asymmetric tread patterns also ensure flexibility and strength.


  • Ultra-high speed capabilities of over 300km/h
  • High grip for aiding flexibility and strength
  • Helps high resistance while accurately simulating the loading stress
  • Offer good balance
  • Sporty performance
  • Comfortable ride


  • Average treadwear warranty

9.Goodyear Eagle LS-2 RunOnFlat Tire

[amazon bestseller=”Goodyear Eagle LS-2 RunOnFlat Tire” items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

This is another grand touring tire in the category, but this time from Goodyear. It offers a more engaging driving experience for owners of performance cars. Does this tire not only offer responsive in the corners but also provide your car with a lot grip and traction in dry conditions. Again, this tire has impressive biting edges for light snow traction.

On bumpy roads, this tire is also comfortable on the highway; it does not produce a lot of noise. On the negative note, this model does not come with any treadwear warranty that is quiet unattractive for this day and age.


  • It does not produce a lot of noise
  • Comfortable on the highway
  • Responsive
  • A lot grip and traction in dry conditions


10.Bridgestone Potenza RE050A Pole Position RFT Tire

[amazon bestseller=”Bridgestone Potenza RE050A Pole Position RFT Tire” items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

This Bridgestone model like its sister tires comes in 275/35R18 and 325/30R19 sizes. This max performance summer run flat tire mixes athletic abilities on the highway with temporary extended mobility features. It gets the job done when the tire is punctured or experiences complete air pressure loss. The fact that it is a summer tire; you are not advised to use it on snow, ice or near freezing road surfaces. This model is equipped with silica content that is high and it has been molded into asymmetric tread design.

Other attractive features include stable shoulder elements, large tread blocks and continuous center rib on the outboard side whose job is to provide responsive handling and traction on dry roads. In addition, to expel water from under the tires, it is also designed with circumferential grooves that also enhances hydroplaning resistance and helps wet traction. extra continuous circumferential ribs is fitted on this tire for enhancing wear quality and reducing road noise throughout the tread life of the tire.


  • All season performance is among the best
  • Sticky on the road
  • Cornering and handling is solid
  • Enhanced wear quality
  • Reduced road noise throughout the tread life of the tire


  • Sizes are limited
  • Stiff ride


Q. How are Run Flat Tires differentiated from Other Tires?

A. This type of tires is designed with reinforced sidewalls engineered to resist deflation even when the tire is punctured. They are sometimes referred to as zero pressure tire because they keep your car moving and buy you some time as long as you keep to a limited speed. For around 50 miles, 50 mph is the maximum speed to drive after puncture, because it is at this rate that weight of the tire will be supported, this will help you get to a repair shop.

Q. Are Run Flat Tires ever get flat?

A. it is for this reason that they are called zero-pressure tires because they are capable of driving more miles at a limited road speed of 50 mph with no air in them. The sidewalls they are equipped with a so stiff that they help hold the wheels off the ground while driving. Therefore, to answer your question, yes they get deliated.

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Q. Are this type of tires nosier than the regular ones?

A. in most cases, yes. This is because there sidewalls are designed to be so stiff to keep the wheels off the ground. There other function is to help you drive with zero pressure without deforming even when they lack air in them.


We have only described high quality tires as you can see from the list above. Cheap Chinese tires will provide your high performance car with the handling that you desire. We therefore, recommend all the tires above. You will find all types from winter tires to all season and grand touring on our list. Protection Status