Best Tires for Snow Plowing

Some enthusiastic drivers find driving on snow to be fun. This is so because they experience the chassis balance of their cars at a much slower speed than when drifting on dry road surfaces. Nevertheless, this might not be the case for regular drivers. Snowy roads are a nightmare for some people; this is because they can severely limit the traction and grip of their cars. For this reason, companies and government departments use snowplowing vehicles to get rid of extreme snow on roads. Moreover, these snow trucks require good tires for them to function effectively. Purchasing these tires might be confusing for a fact that there are countless of them out there, and it is for this reason that we will help you pick the best tires for snow plowing.

Best Tires for Snow Plowing Buying Guide

You might be wondering about the key features to look for when trying to purchase tires for plowing snow; the following are some of the main features we think every snow truck owner must consider:

A. Winter, All-Terrain and All-Season Tires

The type of a tire you are getting is the first thing to consider. All terrain and all-season tires have a significant difference. All terrain tire types are engineered to provide traction on different surfaces that include mud, snow and ice. All-season tires on the other hand, are engineered for weather conditions that are warm i.e. summer and spring. When it comes to winter tires, these are designed with blocky treads and siping. These two features provide grip on snow that they do not get hardened in cold weather that is below 7 degrees Celsius.

B. Dimensions of the Tire

You must decide if you need narrow or wide tires. In this category, narrow tires do a better job than wide tires. The reason for this is that narrow tires exert more pressure on smaller surfaces than wide tires. This means that they easily dig through snow. Moreover, narrow tires have better traction than wide tires because of their snow penetration features. On the other hand, wide tires are able to withstand more load than narrow tires.

C. Studded Against Studless Tires

Studded tires are designed with small metallic studs fixed on tire treads. The job of these studs is to help improve traction on both snow and slush. There are some things to consider before buying studded tires. The first thing is some states and countries forbid the use of studs. Lack of traction on both dry and wet surfaces is the second thing. Studded or not, the ultimate choice will be determined by your location, and putting chains on them tires is the ultimate alternative.

D. Tire Size

The typical average wheel measurement is 16 to 18 inches in this category. Nevertheless, this is not a recommended size for snow plowing tires because just as we stated earlier, narrower tires do a great job.

E. Tire Tread

Each tire is allocated with a different tread, and this all depends on what they are made for. Winter tires not only have blocky and deep treads but they also have sipes on them. To increase traction on snow, they are also have fine line cuts on the tread.

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The 10 Best Tires For Snow Plowing

1.Firestone Winterforce 2 Tire

[amazon bestseller=”Firestone Winterforce 2 Tire” items=” 1″ template=”vertical”]

This is not just the best but also the most economical in its class. If you want a great tire for plowing that snow, then look no further than this model. Once you have these on your car, it will not just be another investment because these tires are not just dedicated but they also offer a very quiet and great ride. The highway is not an exception. The fact that they are also available in LT Size; they are a perfect choice for heavy loads and towing jobs.

They offer the best performance for snow plowing because of the extra piles and sidewalls that are reinforced. Even at high air pressure, these winter tires operate smoothly. This gives them the capability of carrying heavier loads. This Firestone model is designed with a 205mm section width and 6 inches rim width. They are also designed with a load capacity of 1477 pounds. This makes them a perfect fit for sedans, minivans, coupes, and wagons. Long-lasting performance is also ensured by the full depth tread design of the tire. Better grip on snow is also provided by the special tread design they are equipped with. The tread design is designed with open shoulder slots.


  • The most dedicated tire for winter and snow
  • Snow performance is also the best
  • Capable of carrying heavy loads and towing
  • Tread depth is full
  • Tread design accompanied with open shoulder slots


  • It is only available in LT size

2.Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac Tire

[amazon bestseller=”Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac Tire” items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

We have the Wrangler DuraTrac from Goodyear as the second tire on our list. This model is very impressive in both snow and winter weather conditions. The addition of both deep treads and siping is what makes this model good for plowing snow. Under this tires series, there are three main tire sizes, and these are, 285/75R16 126P, 275/60R20 115S and 265/75R16 123Q, and as you can see, all of them are redial tires. Even though the 275/60R20 115S has a section width of 275mm, it is the 285/75R16 126P that offers better stability and steering in deep snow.

275/60R20 115S is the narrowest among them and it offers a better experience on slippery road surfaces. On the other hand, the 265/75R16 123Q is equipped with a better Load capacity of 3417 pounds. When compared to other sizes, this is significantly higher. The other two sizes can only accommodate up to 2679 pounds. The latter option is the top pick for heavier trucks.


  • Deep treads they are made with makes them ideal for all terrain driving
  • Has slush and ice traction features, perfect for snow and winter conditions
  • Can be used on different cars that range from trucks to SUVs
  • Additional stability is provided by additional upper sidewall
  • All terrain features


  • Pricier than the competition
  • Noise on heavy trucks

3. BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 Tire

[amazon bestseller=”BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 Tire” items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

This is another all-terrain model for the category but this time from BFGoodrich. Due to their expertise in constructing a tire for harsh and uneven surfaces, BFGoodrich has long been the de facto tire for off road recreation. Their tires are also moonlight that a great source for a dependable winter weather tire. Even though the KO2 is not a dedicated tire, it is rated three-peak mountain snowflake 3PMSE. Even though this sounds mouthful, the model is only rated for optimal performance in harsh weather conditions.

In addition, the fact that it is an all season model, high durability is expected of it. This means that you will obtain more mileage and savings from this tire. As the years goes by, the manufacturer increases winter performance on this model. The major drawback on this exceptional tire is ice and slush traction. This part needs to be improved. The manufacturer has addressed this issue by installing locking 3D tread block sipes on this model.


  • Great for harsh and uneven surfaces
  • Great source for a dependable winter weather
  • An all season model
  • Locking 3D tread block sipes on this model
  • More mileage and savings from this tire


  • Average ice and slush traction

4. Michelin LTX Winter Tire

[amazon bestseller=”Michelin LTX Winter Tire” items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

When we are talking medium to heavy-duty trucks, then this is the best winter tire for snow plowing. Besides the high price it is offered at, this LTX model has everything that a tire maker for snow plowing would wish for. The first thing we can consider is the 40,000-mile treadwear warranty that this tire comes with. For sure, this is quiet exceptional for winter tire. This is better than those tires that has no warranty.

Moreover, this Michelin model is excellent over snow, which makes it one of the best snow tires for trucks. Not only will the driver be provided with ample traction but also excellent braking. Ice and slush performance are other attractive features about this tire. Last but not the least; the LTX is also very stable on the highway. It is capable of giving you a comfortable ride even with a large trailer attached or heavy cargo in the bed.


  • In freezing weather conditions, it offers excellent performance
  • Snow traction is also very good
  • It is strong and durable on both ice and snow
  • 40,000-mile treadwear warranty

5.Bridgestone Blizzak W965 Tire

[amazon bestseller=”Bridgestone Blizzak W965 Tire” items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

This is another duty truck tire for snow plowing but this time from Bridgestone. You are in for one of the best commercial-grade tires for snow plowing if you do not mind that the manufacturer does not offer a treadwear warranty on this model. This tire is one of the kings in severe winter due to UNI-T Technology that is made up of a special Tube Multicell compound, Microscopic pores, and circumferential microchannels.

The Blizzak W965 Tire melts the snow underneath just like many other winter tires from Bridgestone. They create a film of water to improve in snow. This tire also has an excellent ice and slush traction. This model is still one of the best tires for plowing snow even if it is one of the oldest tires in class.


  • Snow traction is one of the best
  • Ice and slush traction are also impressive
  • It is also durable and outstanding for a snowplowing tire


  • Does not come with a treadwear warranty

6.Cooper Discoverer M+S Tire

[amazon bestseller=”Cooper Discoverer M+S Tire” items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

Many drivers that review this model describe the read on this winter tire from Cooper as one of the most aggressive. The tread of this tire has an incredibly narrow and prevalent lateral siping. It is designed with stud pinholes that are strategically placed beyond its deep tread. They are also equipped with a saw tooth center rib and supple rubber. The job of these two features is for good traction on snow.

The soft rubber tread blocks have been described that they can be easily manipulated with fingers, even in cold weather conditions. This feature contributes to the grip of the tire on ice.


  • Most aggressive
  • Incredibly narrow and prevalent lateral siping
  • Designed with stud pinholes
  • Grip of the tire on ice is excellent
  • Equipped with a saw tooth center rib and supple rubber
  • For good traction on snow


  • Average heavy duty performance

7. Thunderer Trac Grip M/T Radial Tire

[amazon bestseller=”Thunderer Trac Grip M/T Radial Tire” items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

Just by looking at this Thunderer, you will not need to be told that it is an all-terrain model. Its aggressive look is attributed to the noticeably deep treads and sipes. When speaking of deep treads, the Trac Grip M/T model has 19 inches deep treads. When compared to other competing tires on the market in the same category, this is quite impressive. It is also equipped with open and tiered tread block elements whose job is to ensure maximum traction on wintry surfaces.

When speaking of size, they are made available in ranges of 15 all the way up to 22 inches. There is a lot you can expect from them with their aggressive appearance. Even though this model is designed for heavy-duty winter trucks, it can also be used on SUVs and other all-terrain cars.


  • Traction and grip on snow and ice is excellent
  • It is ideal for plowing for its heavy-duty features
  • Can be used on both packed snow and muddy road surfaces
  • Great value for the money product
  • Its versatility is enough to be used on both snow and dry surfaces


  • Wear out quickly
  • A bit too loud on the highway

8. General Grabber AT2 Tire

[amazon bestseller=”General Grabber AT2 Tire” items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

The Grabber AT2 from General is another great pick in our article for the best tires for snow plowing. These are very attractive among customers because of their aggressive but yet reliable features on snow. It is rated high among snow plowers because of its impressive deep tread depth that is capable of plowing through deep snow. This snowplow tire can fit on pickups and sport utility trucks. It has all terrain features, something you can count on for exceptional traction.

It is designed with a section width of 265mm and a 112-load index rating. It is also designed with 2469 pounds load capacity with 65 as an aspect ratio. The aggressive and symmetric features of the Grabber AT2 has self-cleaning features. Moreover, to add to its tread power, it is equipped with a chip and tear resistant tread compound that is molded in it. With off road traction, it also provides superior handling. The numerous traction edges and sipes on the tread blocks increases traction in winter weather conditions.


  • Rated high among snow plowers
  • Impressive deep tread depth
  • Plows through deep snow
  • Fits on pickups and sport utility trucks
  • Self-cleaning features
  • studdable


9. Michelin Latitude X-Ice Xi2 Tire

[amazon bestseller=”Michelin Latitude X-Ice Xi2 Tire” items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

The Latitude X-Ice Xi2 Tire from Michelin was specifically developed for snowplow vehicles, sport utility cars and pickups. Once you fix these tires on your car, it will boost your winter driving confidence and snowplow business. Another attractive factor to consider is the three-peak mountain snowflake feature. This feature means that the winter tire was intended to provide enhanced handling experience on both wet and snowy road surfaces. The silica based winter tread rubber also provides superior stability and flexibility.

The directional tread design improve hydroplaning resistance by removing water and slush on the go of the tire. This model has a section width of 235mm and 11 inches of tread depth. The load capacity of the Latitude X-Ice is 2205 pounds. Better traction on snow-covered roads is improved by the micro-pumps and Cross Z-Sipes on the shoulder and intermediate tread blocks. The internal structure also comprises of twin steel belts whose job is to enhance high-speed capability.


  • Developed for snowplow vehicles, sport utility cars and pickups
  • Will boost your winter driving confidence and snowplow business
  • Three-peak mountain snowflake feature
  • Enhanced handling experience on both wet and snowy road surfaces
  • Superior stability and flexibility
  • Improves hydroplaning resistance
  • Enhanced high-speed capability

10.Falken Wildpeak AT3W All-Terrain Radial Tire

[amazon bestseller=”Falken Wildpeak AT3W All-Terrain Radial Tire” items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

This Falken model is radial tire that was designed for all terrain driving. Wildpeak features a 13.6 32nds deep tread depth whose job is to offer excellent traction snowy road surfaces. Additional stability on slippery road surfaces is provided by the Canyon sipes. The fact that it is an all-terrain model; it is designed with an apex outer sidewall whose job is protecting the tire on rough roads.

This Falken tire can accommodate up to 2679 pounds of load capacity and the treads are so deep. These two features is what makes them ideal for snow plowing. In the category, this tire offers one of the deepest treads when compared to other similar tires from competitors.


  • Has exceptional deep treads for excellent snow performance
  • Works well on surfaces with its canyon sipes
  • All terrain features makes it useable on both muddy and snowy surfaces
  • Low priced


Q. Why are Narrow Tires a Better Choice for Winter Driving?

A. Narrow tires provide a better surface pressure against the road when they are compared to wider tires. In addition, they work better on slush and light snow than wide tires. Moreover, this is something you will encounter in the winter more often.

Q. What are the Possible Measures of Preventing Plowing Tires from Getting Stuck?

A. there are two things that can be done if you have the best tires for snow plowing but your car is being stuck in the snow. The first one is wrapping the tires in chains, and the second is adding more weight to the back of the truck. Wrapping tires is not the best option when compared to adding more weight especially if you are driving on paved road surfaces.

Q. Are snow plowing Tires Categorized?

A. yes they are. They are divided into dedicated tires and all-season tires. The best of both worlds is offered by the latter category. This is because they can be used on both snowy and mild snow surfaces. On the other hand, winter tires are only designed for winter weather conditions. This type is made from rubber that does not harden from harsh weather conditions.


During the winter, the best tires to use are the ones designed for winter. This is for a fact that they can handle cold temperatures of which normal tires cannot. Regular tires get hardened in low temperatures that are extreme. It is for this reason that we recommend all the best tires for snow plowing as described above. Protection Status