Best Tires for Audi Q5

Audi is an international brand that is well known for making the nicest Crossovers. The Q5 is one of them. This model is designed with a spacious interior with an impressive fit and finish. This model is great for covering long distances. Not only does it provide a comfortable ride on the road but also its quality is plush and noise is well suppressed. It is for this reason that you will need a good set of tires to get the most out of this crossover. Durable and reliable should be the tires that you need to fit on this car, otherwise, you will just be left with a nice interior. So before we describe the best tires for Audi Q5, let us first look at the different tire types for the car.

A. Touring and All-season Tires

These two models provide a smooth ride, good wet and dry traction, and decent winter traction. These tires also have a longer tread life when compared to other types. Even though they are acceptable for winter use, they cannot be expected to provide equal traction and stopping power with the specifically designed winter tires.

B. Performance Tires

This type is designed to focus on providing confident handling, better-wet and dry traction and give the Q5 owner a sporty feel. Even though they have a higher grip and speed ratings, the treadlife is short and the ride quality is reduced.

C. All Terrain Tires

This type is built to maximize off road traction. It is built to provide you with an excellent durability overall. Even though their construction makes them produce a lot of noise and provide less comfort on the road, they have acceptable winter traction and treadwear.

D. Winter and Snow Tires

This type is built with a special rubber compound whose job is to maintain grip and pliability when the temperatures are low. They are also equipped a tread pattern whose job is maximize your Audis ability to start and stop on very slippery road surfaces.

Different Audi Q5 Tire Sizes

You may be shopping for tires that fit any range depending on the year and model of the Q5. These wheels will come with various widths and sidewall sizes along the way. Even though it is possible to change the wheel of the tire, the general rule is to keep the total diameter equal. This means that when you downsize the wheel, it should include a proportionate upsizing of the tire sidewall. This is done to compensate. Some of the benefits of downsizing a wheel includes:

  1. Ride quality is better– more rubber is provided which means you have a cushion for comfort especially on poor road conditions.
  2. Reduced Costs– the fact that big tires are expensive, it is quite cheaper moving to wheel size tires.
  3. Changes According to Season– a larger selection of smaller wheel sizes is available for winter and snow tires. This means that better traction will be provided by a narrower footprint.
  4. Off-Road– to increase, the car’s shock absorption capabilities and bump traction on loose road surfaces, many Q5 owners tend to choose to downsize wheels for off-road use.

The 10 Best Tires for Audi Q5 OF 2021

1.Continental CrossContact UHP Tire

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The CrossContact UHP from Continental is the tire for you, if an attractive tread design and silky smooth ride comfort is what you are craving for your Audi Q5. It was designed with one of the best ride qualities in the industry. The ride quality is not only smooth but very quiet as well. it also has one of the best traction and handling on road surfaces out there. Furthermore, it is equipped with a precise and quick steering throughout the speed range.

Even though wet traction is not the best in class, it is not quiet an issue for crossover cars like the Q5. Another factor that the manufacturer would have improved on this tire is the treadwear. We have also read some negative reviews from different drivers over the treadwear. Driving habits and how hard you push this tire is what will determine how long the treadlife will last. On the other hand, it is provided with added strength and durability by the two steel belts it is equipped with. Moreover, not does it come in sizes that range from 19 to 21 but it is also available in V, W and Y speed rating.


  • Dry traction and cornering is one of the best in class
  • It also has a price steering response
  • The ride quality it offers is one of the best in the category
  • Available in different sizes

2.Michelin Premier LTX Tire

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When it comes to tire making, there is no doubt that Michelin is one of the top players. For many decades, this tire maker has been in the line of business. For this reason, they understand what is required to come up with the best tire, especially for cars like the Audi Q5. The Premier LTX is one of their products that perform beyond expectations. On this model, the manufacturer has used amazing technologies for SUVs, minivans, crossovers and pickups. This technology provides it with better performance, longer lifespan and strength.

A combination of high amounts of silica and sunflower oil is what the tire maker has used to handle wet surface problems. They have gone further by mixing it with the symmetric pattern and the EverGrip Technology. The job for these two features is to make it possible for the tire to perform on wet road surfaces with much easier. This tech also improves the performance even as the tire wears down. Extra stability and durability is provided via twin steel belts installed in the tire. These two belts are covered by the polyamide code. Michelin has added a 60,000-mile treadwear on this model.


  • Handle wet surface problems
  • Improves the performance even as the tire wears down
  • 60,000-mile treadwear
  • Better performance, longer lifespan and strength


  • Not the best treadwear warranty in class

3.Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring Tire

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This is one of the best all season touring tires in the category. The CS5 Ultra from Cooper is economy oriented. Audi Q5 might owners might find this attractive. Nevertheless, do not be fooled by its low price, this tire is still very capable in most conditions. Not only is this tire very responsive on the streets, but it also offers high levels of grip and impressive traction.

The job this model performs on wet road surfaces is excellent. Even the braking it provides is the best. Even it is an all-season tire; the snow traction it offers is not the best in class. We would not recommend it especially on deep snow and icy road surfaces. On a positive note, this is one of the quietest and most comfortable tire in class. In addition, for the price, it is equipped with an impressive 70,000-mile treadwear warranty.


  • On dry road surfaces, it offers one of the best responsiveness and grip
  • Impressive traction on wet road surfaces
  • Braking performance is top notch
  • Low priced
  • Treadlife is long


  • Average snow and ice traction

4. Goodyear Assurance CS TripleTred All-Season Tire

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In all types of road conditions, this Goodyear model was designed excellent year round performance for your Audi Q5. It further provides a smooth and comfortable ride. Three-zone tread technology is installed on the TripleTred tire, which makes it suitable for SUVs, Pickups, and crossovers. The unique polymers found in the all season tread compound is molded into a directional tread pattern. This feature further sports three distinct tread zones. The general function of these features is to enhance dry traction and cornering performance.

To increase water evacuation from the tires footprint, the Assurance CS is equipped with a unique Acquachannel grooves. Around the tread are also multiple biting edges for icy zones. It is also designed with the continuous rib whose job is to increase grip on snow and ice covered road surfaces. Throughout the speed range, the two steel belts inside the tire adds strength and durability. 65,000-mile treadwear warranty is offered on the CS TripleTred model.


  • All season and traction is very good
  • Ride comfort is also excellent
  • 65,000-mile treadwear warranty
  • Long tread life
  • The value for the money is outstanding


  • Makes noise at high speeds

5. Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport Tire

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Dueler H/P Sport from Bridgestone is a high performance summer tire. This model is also designed for drivers of sport pickups and SUVs. On a variety of name brand cars, it is used as an original tire. This is for a fact that it is engineered to provide high performance traction, handling and enhanced ride comfort. The silica tread compound to increase wet traction utilizes L.L Carbon black. This tech combines with both a symmetrical tread pattern and UNI.Technology. The job for this collaboration is to give the tire increased handling and cornering performance.

Increased handling on wet road surfaces is delivered by four circumferential grooves and multiple lateral grooves. Other role they play is to reduce the risk of hydroplaning by evacuating water from under the tread surface of the tire. Like other tire for Audi Q5, it is also designed with two steel belts for extra strength and durability. The Dueler H/P Sport comes in sizes that range from 16 to 20 inches and they have speed ratings of V, W or Y.


  • Cornering performance is exceptional
  • They also have impressive dry and wet traction
  • Crisp and responsive steering
  • One of the best ride comfort

6. Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II Tire

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This is another all season touring tire, but from Pirelli this time around. It is one of the newest addition to the tire makers touring lineup. It brings with it several benefits that makes it an instant success among Audi Q5 owners. It has much better wet traction and braking and this is all thanks to the updated tread compound it is installed with. It is probably the best in the category in fact.

The Scorpion Verde compares favorably to most tires on dry road surfaces. This is so especially in terms of responsiveness and steering feel. Just like the tire before it, this model is very quiet and comfortable. It will provide your Q5 with impressive stability on the highway. The only disadvantage comes in with an extra treadwear that was not provided by the tire maker. On the other hand, it comes a 65,000-mile treadwear warranty.


  • In it its class it has one of the best wet traction and braking
  • Dry handling and braking is outstanding
  • Highway stability is very good
  • Ride is super plush
  • The rolling is also quiet
  • The steering is also very response


  • Average treadwear warranty

7. Michelin CrossClimate SUV Tire

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The CrossClimate is one of the best if not the best all weather touring tire for the Audi Q5. So look no further than this Michelin model if you want a tire that will truly work in every climate. On both dry and wet road surfaces, this all-weather tire is very responsive and grippy. Not only does this tire stop very well but it also accelerates swiftly.

Another attractive factor about this tire is that it provides the driver with better snow traction than all-season tires. In addition, it also works on icy and slush roads. Having said that, Michelin had to put a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty on this model. This is average when compared to other premium tire warrants.


  • Light snow traction is impressive
  • The steering is quick, responsive and grippy
  • Wet traction and braking is excellent


  • 50,000-mile treadwear warranty

8. Hankook Ventus S1 evo2 SUV K117A Tire

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The Ventus S1 evo2 is a summer high performance tire designed for SUVs and Crossovers. This model delivers very good performance for the most part. It is for this reason that you expect to find confident dry and wet traction throughout the speed range. Not only is the cornering performance very good for this tire, it provides a responsive steering and a better than average feel. For a high performing tire, it also offers a comfortable ride. The major setback for this model is a shorter than expected treadlife. Drivers who never got the miles they expected from the tread have also negatively reviewed this.

Added durability and more even treadwear is the result of the two steel belts that are spirally wrapped with nylon in this tire. A high stiffness bead filler and single stand bead wire also optimize the Hankook tire. This combination optimizes the uniformity of the tire and provide additional handling benefits. it comes in an array of sizes that range from 17 to 22 inches. They also come in speed ratings of V, W or Y with a limited tread warranty.


  • Dry and wet traction is outstanding
  • Stability on the highway is excellent
  • Excellent cornering grip
  • The ride quality is the best


9. Nitto NT 42OS Tire

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To simply put it, the NT 42O2 is one of our top picks if we are going to put a set of high performance street and highway tires on our Audi Q5. This Nitto model has an excellent grip and performance. Even the steering response is very quick and crisp. For this reason, you feel very much in control at any speed with this tire. Moreover, this tire provides a more than average ride comfort.

Even though some drivers have negatively reviewed the performance of the tire in terms of noise, this can be from a high performance street tire. Moreover, not only is the treadlife very good, some drivers have reviewed getting between 50,000 and 60,000 miles treadwear. This Nitto model is available in both H and V speed rating.


  • Cornering grip and overall handling is exceptional
  • Excellent dry, wet and snow traction
  • 50,000 and 60,000 miles treadwear
  • For a performance tire, it offers a comfortable and quiet ride
  • Wearing treadlife is long


  • Produces noise as it wears down

10. General Grabber UHP Tire

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Not until the Grabber UHP was launched that General tires stepped up their game. This model is designed with latest technology that gives it the ability to perform well and deliver better performance. It was specifically engineered for SUVs, Pickups and sport trucks. The use of directional tread patterns and second-generation silica tread compound is what makes the dry and wet traction possible. The V shaped grooves combines with wider shoulder blocks to give the tire better grip on the dry road surfaces.

The tires is [provided with more traction on this surface because the V shaped grooves help to eliminate water under the tire. it is also equipped with nylon wrapped steel belts whose job is to improve the durability of the tire and give it more strength. This feature is also responsible for an even treadwear and better handling. When you purchase this tire from the manufacturer, you will also be provided with a 60,000-mile treadwear warranty.


  • Better grip on the dry road surfaces.
  • Designed with latest technology
  • Eliminate water under the tire
  • Improve the durability of the tire
  • 60,000-mile treadwear warranty


  • below average deep snow traction


Q. When is the best time to replace tires on an Audi Q5?

A. often times are two regular milestones that will suggest the best time to replace tires on your Audi Q5. These two are time and mileage. This is a case any other car in your driveway. Most Q5 owners will pass the miles their original equipment tires were intended to considering most of them cover between the range of 12,000 and 15,000 miles per year. UTQG is what predicts the treadlife of your tire. it is from this rating that you can determine how long it will take you to replace them with new tires once you buy them.

Q. How are Tire Sizes read?

A. it is important to understand what the numbers mean when reading tire sizes. An example we can give is of an Audi Q5s 18 inch tires that come with the 235/60R18 103 All-season tires:

  • 235– This is denoted in millimeters that indicates the width of the tire from one sidewall of the tire to the other.
  • 60– This is the aspect ratio or height of the sidewall of the tire
  • R- This means that the tire is Radial. Radial are the most common types of tires in the automotive industry because of their strong and long-lasting make.
  • 18– This shows the diameter of the wheel
  • 103– This is the loading rate of the tire
  • H– indicates the speed rating of the tire Protection Status