WeChat & The 5 Best Supporting Apps

WeChat is one of the most popular messenger services around and many apps are built to offer support for it. Here are 5 of them.

1. 2 Lines For WeChat
This app is very useful, especially for those running on Dual SIM smartphones. The app makes it possible to run to different accounts at one time.

2. Cleaner For WeChat
Overtime, your device will start slowing down due to the piling messages. Use this app to clean up WeChat from unneeded contents from your past chats.

3. TTPod
This is the only app so far that allows music to be shared via Moments. However, the app is pro-Chinese.

4. Message Locker
Use this app to restrict access on messaging apps like WeChat. Accessing WeChat will require a PIN.

5. YouTube
Share cool videos from YouTube to your peers just by tapping on the Moment option.


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