17-inch MacBook Pro: Extinct Without Prior Notice

Over the past couple of years or so, many consumers noticed that there has been no successor for the 17” MacBook Pro. Year in, year out, all Apple did release were 13” and 15” laptops.

Well, it appears that the 17” machine has been discontinued entirely. The only reason for it is poor sales. There is no doubt about it that the larger 17” MacBook Pro is not selling as well as its smaller counterparts.

On top of that, consumers need to be aware that the 17” has been a big loss for Apple. The Cupertino-based company has done a large amount of R&D, electronics design, component design and also tooling up the assembly line. This translates to a lot of money spent and if the profit does not come, it is best to cease production early.

All in all, the 17” MacBook Pro will surely be missed by those that actually owns the last of them. The next best thing consumers can settle for is the 15” MacBook Pro.

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