Volkswagen Arteon Wants To Match E-Class Estate

The Mercedes E-Class Estate is great but it does not come with a small price tag either. However, those looking for a car like that might have another option to choose from soon as Volkswagen might be thinking about building one.

Remember the Volkswagen Arteon that they showed off? Well, it has been suggested that Volkswagen might be thinking about building a wagon version of the Arteon. According to Elmar-Marius Licharz, the head of full-size products for Volkswagen, they will have to see how the consumers react to the standard model first.

If everything turns out well, it seems like the Volkswagen Arteon Wagon could be the next model we will be seeing although we do not know if it will be coming over to the US or not as wagons don’t usually make their way over here.

Do you think a Volkswagen Arteon Wagon would work?

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