Prince of Persia: Nothing Hiding Behind Tease

We all though that Ubisoft had a huge Prince of Persia secret that they did not want us to know when the whole Twitter account of a Reflections employee was taken down. The Twitter account was removed after the user posted an image hinting that there might be more Prince of Persia coming in the future.

The Prince of Persia franchise has always had a huge following and you can bet that there was a lot of excitement when he posted the tweet but since then, there have not been any new news or information about the upcoming Prince of Persia game.

We were expecting to see it at some of the shows and events this year but that did not happen. At this point, most people believe that the tweet is most likely a hoax and that there is no new Prince of Persia game.

There are others that believe that there will be an that the new Prince of Persia game will be a 2D game like Rayman. Protection Status