Dynasty Warriors 9 Developer Aim High

The Dynasty Warriors has always been a popular game but the developers are looking to take things a little further by turning it into an open world game.

According to the developer, Koei Tecmo, Dynasty Warrior 9 will be arriving as an open world game. The company added that they are hoping to recreate a map that covers the whole of China. That sounds a little too ambitious but it would be amazing if they do manage to create the map.

Koei Tecmo also reveals that the Dynasty Warriors 9 will star Zhou Cang, a classic character from the Three Kingdoms novel. While they did talk about the game at Jump Festa 2016, they did not reveal if the game was going to be released on the consoles or not.

Fans think that the Playstation 4 might have a higher chance of getting the Dynasty Warrior 9. There were also talks about Koei Tecmo looking to turn some of their other games like Dead or Alive into an open world game. What do you think about that?

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