Ubisoft Can’t Get Enough Of Nintendo Switch

A lot of people were impressed with what Nintendo has done with their new console this year. Earlier this year when we were still trying to figure out what the Nintendo Switch was all about, Ubisoft have already hinted that they were impressed with the new hybrid console and now that Nintendo has announced the console, they are saying that the device is “a true innovation”.

Ubisoft highlighted the fact that their fans will now be able to play the game at home and continue playing on the handheld device when they go for travels or when they are commuting to work.

Based on the success of the 3DS they think the gaming system will be a huge hit especially when the developers start releasing the games for the console. So far, we are also pretty impressed with what Nintendo has managed to come out with but we will have to wait until the console arrives to see if it will match all this hype that they have created.

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