Shadow of Mordor 2: Focus On Map & Nemesis System

We do not know if we will ever see a Shadow of Mordor 2 game but the fans are hoping that we would. In fact, they have already started talking about some of the things they would like to see on the Shadow of Mordor sequel.

Some fans said that they hope the new game will come with a bigger map. The last map was pretty small although we can see why because the game was only set in Mordor. Fans were hoping that maybe this time, we get to travel outside of Mordor. As much as we like that idea, we only want to see it happen if it makes sense.

Other were also hoping that the developer would do more with the Nemesis System. The features were one of the most distinctive parts of the game and we hope Monolith will not only be keeping but they will also enhance the features.

What else do you think the developers should consider when making the sequel? Protection Status