Diablo 4: This Is Way Better

Based on the goody bag that all the Blizzcon goers got, it was speculated that Blizzard might have a Diablo-related announcement at the event. Most people predicted that it was going to be about the next Diablo 4 game but it looks like they were wrong. The actual Diablo announcement was far better.

Instead of announcing a new Diablo game, Blizzard announces that they will be remaking the first ever Diablo game. The 20-year-old game will be remade using the Diablo 3 engine. According to Frank Pearce, Blizzard’s Chief Development Officer, fans will be getting the remake version when the “Darkening of Tristram” arrives and that fans will be “send back into the depths of the Cathedral”.

Players will be able to play 16 levels and all four boss fights from the original game. Just to make sure fans are reminded of the original game, the remake version will get a filter to make it look a little grainy and pixelated.

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