Tesla Model S: Is Autopilot Helping Or Not

The reason why automakers are working on some sort of autopilot system now is because they because that the system would help reduce the crash rates of vehicles. According to NHTSA, the crash rates for Tesla dropped by 40% since Tesla added the Autopilot system.

While on paper, it might seem like the Tesla autopilot is working wonder, some people said that it wasn’t the Tesla autopilot that helped improve the car but the collective tech that the auto industry right now.

It is said that features like Lane Keep Assist and automatic braking could be the ones contributing to the numbers. These features are also offered in most models right now so the Tesla models are not special here.

Of course, it could still be Tesla’s autopilot system at work here but it is hard to pinpoint what helped them reduce the number since there is a lot of components that makes up the Autopilot system.

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