Toyota Yaris That Bites Revealed, EU Got The Better Deal

Toyota is spicing things up on the side of the Toyota Yaris as they announce the new high-performance variant.

The Toyota Yaris GRNM hot hatch will be coming in with a 1.8-liter supercharged engine that will be offering about 205bhp when it arrives. With that engine, the Yaris will be able to take on models like the Ford Fiesta ST200.

Unlike the standard model, the hot hatch will be coming with a three door option only. To make sure it does not get mixed up with the rest of the Yaris, the Yaris GRNM will be fitted with black-coloured alloys, black boot spoiler, colored graphics on the side and a more aggressive styling and front bumper design.

The new Toyota Yaris will be competing with models like the Fiesta ST, Volkswagen Polo and more in Europe. No word on whether we will ever see this in the US. Protection Status