2018 Nissan Z Asked To Back Up

While some people are still wishing that Nissan would work on a new Nissan Z, they do not want to see the upgraded version of the last Nissan Z. Instead, what they are looking for is a modern version of the original Nissan Z.

When Nissan first brought out the Nissan Z, the vehicle was a small, light and nimble model that was very fun to drive around in but with every upgrade, the Nissan Z got bigger and bulkier to the point where it was no longer a Nissan Z despite what the badge says.

Fans are hoping that Nissan would work to bring the light and nimble Nissan Z back into the market. If that is the case, the Infiniti Q60 would be a great source of inspiration for Nissan.

Of course, Nissan never did say that they are going to build one or is looking to build one so don’t get your hopes too high yet.


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