Shadow of Mordor 2: Stepping Outside Of The Box

The Shadow of Mordor game was very well received but some fans commented that they felt like they were stuck in a box. That box is, of course, Mordor as players were only allowed to venture inside of Mordor in the whole game.

Some players are saying that if Monolith comes out with a sequel for the game, they are hoping that they will add in a few more location so that fans and explore the other locations in Middle Earth. We do not know how that is going to work with the story since it is the Shadow of Mordor after all but it will be a lot more interesting if the developers are able to do that.

Other players are saying that they wish the Nemesis system would have more features in the new game. The first version was great but it is clear that there is more than they could have done with it.

Of course, nobody knows if there is going to be a Shadow of Mordor sequel. All we have now are a few rumors and leaks but nothing concrete from Monolith yet.

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