Apple MacBook Pro: Improvements Badly Needed

Fans of the Apple MacBook have been waiting for Apple to update it for a long time and this year, Apple finally did it. While the device was pretty well received when it was first announced, the flaws of the device are starting to surface and it is clear now that the new Apple MacBook Pro is not as perfect as we thought it would be.

Some users have reported saying that the battery life of the Apple MacBook Pro is not close to what Apple has hinted. Others are saying that the performance of the Apple MacBook Pro was not as impressive as they thought it will be.

Of course, there are also all those complaints about the Apple MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar. A lot of fans were extremely disappointed that this is what they ended up getting after waiting years for the laptop to be announced and release.

Have you had any issue with the Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar?

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