Nintendo Switch Will Get Juiced With USB-C

Nintendo might be more willing to talk about the upcoming Nintendo Switch now but they are still trying to hold back a lot of information until they officially release it next year. However, that does not mean that there will not be leaks and rumors dropping us more details about the Nintendo Switch.

The latest rumor suggests that the Nintendo Switch will be coming in with a USB-C cable and that the console will be charged through the USB-C port. This rumor started after EB Games Australia listed the “Nintendo Switch Extra-Long 3m Charging Cable” on their site. The description clearly states that the cable is a USB-A to USB-C cable suggesting that the Nintendo Switch will charge with a USB-C port.

This make sense since the Nintendo Switch is made to be portable as well. With a USB-C charger, users can just charge it with their recharging station when they are on the go. Protection Status