Sea Of Thieves: A Sea Of Confusion

Microsoft did announce that they are working on a new Xbox One and PC game called the Sea of Thieves but what they did not reveal was the arrival date of the game. However, Xbox One Australia revealed on their Twitter account that the game will be arriving in February 2017.

Before things could get out of hand, Microsoft stepped out to clarify that they have not announced a launch date yet suggesting that the date suggested by Xbox Australia could be a fake.

Microsoft also added that they plan to release a closed beta of the game for the fans to test but that is all they have to share for now. Aaron Greenberg, the head of marketing for Xbox Australia also tweeted that they have not announced the launch date yet.

The new Sea of Thieves game is a new pirate theme game. It will not be an MMO game and it will not be free to play but it will come as a Xbox Play Anywhere game which means you will be able to play it on PC and Xbox One with just one game.

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