Microsoft Lumia 760: The Answer To Their Problem

The problem with the new range of Windows 10 powered Lumia devices is well, the Windows 10 OS. People are unfamiliar with the system and with all the reports about the operating system lacking in apps, people are just not willing to give it a try. To top is all off, the device is definitely not the most attractive smartphone in the market.

Will people start considering the Windows 10 powered Lumia devices is Microsoft put more effort into designing the smartphone? The concept you see here was created by artist Lucas Silva who thinks that the Lumia devices could do better if it had a better design.

Called the Microsoft Lumia 760, the device was given a 5inch display screen and will be running on a Snapdragon 652 CPU with 2GB RAM and 16/32GB internal storage.

So you think this is the answer or is there really no hope left for Microsoft and their Windows 10 powered Microsoft Lumia devices?

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