Tesla Model 3: Tesla Model S Position Threaten

The Tesla Model S is as premium as it gets while the Tesla Model 3 will come in as the cheapest model Tesla would have to offer but with the new tech Tesla has to offer, the Tesla Model 3 could come close to actually threaten the Tesla Model S.

It has been reported that Tesla is currently working on developing a new inverter architecture and power semiconductor package that they will be using to power up the Tesla Model 3.

It is believed that the updated version will be able to deliver more torque and will be more responsive than the previous system. The report also added that we could be seeing the Tesla Model 3 delivering about 300kW and with Tesla also added that the Tesla Model 3 will use about 25% fewer parts compared to the other Tesla models before it, it could mean that the Model will weightless as well.

With all this improvement, the Tesla Model S might want to watch out.

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