Samsung Galaxy S8 Throws Out Google Assistant For AI

It looks like Samsung will not be needing the assistance of Google when they new Samsung Galaxy S8 arrives.

One of the more interesting features on the new Android Nougat is that it will come with the new Google Assistant from Google. It has now been reported that Samsung might be looking to ditch the Samsung Galaxy S8 in favor of their own Samsung Bixby.

New reports suggests that Samsung is currently working on a new AI called the Samsung Bixby and that it is being developed for the Samsung Galaxy S8. There were already talks about it last year but now, the Samsung Bixby has been listed on Samsung’s own website.

The new Bixby will be integrated to the Samsung Pay Mini, a simpler version of Samsung Pay that allows their users to do online payment only. More details should be reveal when Samsung bring it the new Samsung Galaxy S8

We are expecting to see in April. There were rumors saying that it will be announced on the 18th of April but we will have to wait and see.

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