2018 Honda Accord: Upgrade Won’t Be Well Received

Most people would be happy to hear that a model will be getting a size upgrade since size upgrade would mean more interior space as well but the Honda Accord fans does not seems to be too happy about its upgrade.

Spy shots of the Honda Accord reveal that the new 2018 Honda Accord could be coming in with a wider body. After looking at the upgrades that the Honda Civic received last year, we were already expecting the Accord to get a size upgrade since the Accord and Civic will be too close if the Accord is not upgraded.

As nice as that sound, it looks like the Accord fans are not too happy about it. A lot of them felt that the current size is perfect as it is and increasing its size would only make it bulkier.

Not only will the Honda Accord be bigger but it is believed that it will come with a new design based on the Honda Civic. They might also share a platform and powertrain as well although the Accord engine will most likely be more powerful.

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