Shenmue Fans Got Their Wishes Heard?

Shenmue fans have been begging SEGA to remaster the game for years now and while SEGA has never hinted that they are working on it or plan to work on it, it looks like we will be getting a Shenmue HD after all.

It has been reported that the domain Shenmue HD was registered by SEGA Europe. Others also found out that SEGA also registered and with the last domain registered in September last year.

Of course, this does not guarantee that there is going to be a Shenmue remaster in the near future as companies sometimes do this to make sure the people do not take advantage of their fans by launching sites with those name.

However, some fans believe that the domain could mean that SEGA is working on it or at least thinking about it. We do hope that that is the case but don’t get your hopes too high just yet. Protection Status