Samsung Galaxy S8: Pricing Goes Off The Mark

Samsung fans were able to get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy S7 earlier this year but it looks like Samsung is not looking to repeat that next year. Initial rumor suggests that we will be seeing the Samsung Galaxy S8 at the MWC next year but new reports are now saying that Samsung will not be showing it off at the event.

Instead, they will be holding an event of their own in April next year to show off the new Samsung Galaxy S8. After what happened with the Note 7, we could see why Samsung wants to take things slow this time around.

But that is not the only thing that fans will have to worry about. According to the report, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy S8 might also come with a much bigger price tag this time around. It has been suggested that the S8 could cost 20% more than the S7.

Some people think that it might because the materials are more expensive now while others think that Samsung might have a few more new features to offer on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

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