Samsung Galaxy S8: Can’t Keep The Lid Shut

This happens everytime Samsung prepares to release a new device. There is now so many leaks and rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S8 that they will have nothing new to show us when the time comes.

We have already heard about the speculation that the new Samsung Galaxy S8 will be coming without any bezel or minimal bezel. Well, the new leak image of the Samsung Galaxy S8 front panel does seem to support that.

The leaked image also seems to confirm the fact that Samsung Galaxy S8 will be coming without a Home button, a feature that have been around since the beginning. It is said that instead of a physical button, we will see a new software button and will also work as a fingerprint sensor.

We do not know if these leak images are the real deal or not so it is best to take it with a pinch of salt for now.

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