Shadow of Mordor 2: Leak Starting To Feel Like A Hoax Now

Even though there were already rumors and speculation that Monolith might work on a new Shadow of Mordor game, there was no real proof so a lot of the fans were on the fence when it came to talks about the Shadow of Mordor 2.

However, most of the fans started to believe that a Shadow of Mordor sequel was being made when the game was spotted in a resume of a stunt actress. Many fans believe that this was proof and since then, the fans have been waiting for Monolith to announce the game but so such announcement ever came.

At this point, nobody knows if the game is really going to come but if it does, what are you hoping to see? Some fans have commented that they were hoping the game would allow them to explore some other places in Middle Earth other than Mordor. How about you?

Steven Estevez

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