Samsung Galaxy S3 ROM Demand Highlights Fans Loyalty

Despite being around for a few years now, some people are just not willing to give up on their Samsung Galaxy S3 right now and it is easy to see why. The smartphone is powerful and for many of the users, the device still works fine.

As with most smartphones, the thing that will fail first is the battery. All battery will deteriorate over time and so will the S3 battery but since it comes with a removable battery, it is easy for the users to throw the deteriorated battery away and get a new one. Problem solved.

Even after all these years, there are still users over there that are looking for custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S3 proving that the smartphone is still in demand despite its age.

Many owners also commented that there is really no ready why they would want to change it to a newer Samsung Galaxy device that has no removable battery features. How many of you are still holding on to the Samsung Galaxy S3?

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