Samsung Galaxy Note 7: The Wicked Get No Rest

Just when you though Samsung is ready to put the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 behind and focus on their upcoming devices, the member of Greenpeace crashed their event to remind us all that it is not over for the Note 7 yet.

Samsung might have done a good job collecting the Note 7 from their users to ensure they are not in danger but it looks like that are not disposing them off in a way that is green or efficient.

Since the law does not require them to break up the smartphones to their component parts so that some parts can be used, Samsung can just throw off in a landfill and be done with it.

At this point, Samsung has not started with the disposing of the device yet so there is no saying which method they will use. That is probably why Greenpeace was there. After seeing the sign, David Lowes, Samsung’s CEO for Europe responded by saying “You’ve made your point”.

All eyes are on Samsung now.

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