Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Samsung Wants It All Back

Due to issues with the battery, Samsung was forced to recall their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and replaced them with the Samsung Galaxy S7. Owner was urge to return the smartphone but for reasons unknown, some people choose to keep the problematic smartphone.

According to Samsung, about 85% of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 have been returned but they want to have the remaining 15% as well. Well, to make sure the users return the smartphone back to them, Samsung announce that they will be releasing a new software update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that will ensure that their users will be forced to return it to them.

After the update, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will not be able to charge beyond 60%. To make sure their users get the message, the smartphone will also display a notification reminding their users that the device needs to be return every time they charge it. The message will be displayed even when it reboot or even when the screen is turn on.

Samsung is hoping that the users get so annoyed with it that they will just return it.

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