Portal 3 Stands More Chance Than Half Life 3?

When Gabe Newell announce that he will be hosting an AMA on Reddit, you can bet that the Half-Life and Portal fans will be there to make sure they Gabe notice them.

One of the question that fans got to ask was if Gabe Newell prefers Half-Life or Portal. According to Newell, he likes Portal more but for a reason, that is way different than what we think

Gabe replied saying that he was so involved with Half-Life that it was easy to see all the mistake and regrets that he had with the game. Since he was less involved in Portal, he likes it more.

Does this mean that if Valve had to choose between these two games, Portal 3 would win? We hope not. If you were hoping that Gabe was going to paint a clearer picture of Portal’s and Half Life’s future, you will be very disappointed as well.

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