Pokemon GO: Apple Watch Rumor Prove To Be Wrong

A few months ago, there were rumors saying that the Pokemon Go App which was supposed to be released for the Apple Watch is not going to happen. Well, it looks like the rumor was fake because Apple Watch users can now use their watch to play the Pokemon Go app.

When Niantic first announce the Apple Watch tie-in app, they said that the app will allow users to track the steps they need to take before the egg hatches. It will also tell users how far the next Pokestop or Gym is.

However, if you want to catch a Pokemon, battle a Gym or spin at the PokeStop, you will still need to dig out your smartphone because the Apple Watch app will not be able to do that.

The benefit of having the app on your watch is that you won’t need to keep your smartphone on all the time so that should help you save some battery life.

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