2018 Toyota Supra: Honda Not Falling For It

It does seem like Toyota’s decision to rope in BMW to work on the new Toyota Supra might be the best decision they could have made as the Supra got a whole lot more attention than they expected. That proves that automakers working together might be the best method to gain the attention of the consumers but Honda is not buying any of that.

When asked if Honda had any plans to work with another automaker on a future model, Honda made it clear that they want to stay independent for the time being and that they have no plans to work with any other automakers right now.

While we do commend Honda for trying to stay true to themselves, some people think that their stubbornness is only going to hurt them in the long run. Compared to their competitors, Honda’s sales is one of the lowest.

Some people are worried that Honda will only continue to slide downhill if they don’t change and adapt to the market now.

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