Opel Insignia Grand Sport OPC: Looking Like The Real Deal

We have already seen what Opel will be offering on the new Opel Insignia Grand Sport but what can we expect to see on the OPC model? Well, the guys over at RMCarDesign might have the answer for you.

The people over at RMCarDesgin created the concept above to show us what they think the OPC model will look like. First, they gave the concept the OPC exterior light blue paint. They also fitted on a set of bigger alloy rims and lower down the vehicle.

We do not know if the OPC model is really going to come looking like this or not but what we do know is that the production model will surely come with upgraded seats, OPC Steering wheel, instrument panel, gear shift lever and more.

Opel has not revealed the engine yet but there were already speculations about a 350hp V6 engine sitting snugly under the hood of the Insignia Grand Sport OPC.

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