OnePlus 4: Skipped Due To Bad Lack?

Once in a while, we will see smartphone manufacturers skipping a number from their series. Samsung did that with the Note but their reason might be very different from OnePlus.

Samsung did it so that their Note and S Series matched each other but OnePlus might be skipping the OnePlus 4 and going straight for the OnePlus 5 because 4 is not a good number.

It is believed that OnePlus might be trying to avoid the number 4 because in Chinese, the number 4 sound like the word Death in Chinese and the number has always been regarded as a bad omen just like the number 13. That could be the reason why the next OnePlus smartphone is a 5 and not a 4.

There were speculations about the OnePlus 3 successor coming in with a ceramic or glass chassis and will also feature a dual curved edge display. It should also be powered by the Snapdragon 835 processor with 6GB RAM although other believe we might see the Snapdragon 821 chip in use instead of the new chip. Since LG is also using the older chip, it won’;t surprise us if OnePlus also does the same.

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