Google Pixel Not That Special Now

One of the reasons why the Google Pixel was so special was because it was one of the very few smartphones that had the Google Assistant feature but it looks like Google is ready to open the doors to the other Android users as well.

According to Google, the Google Assistant feature will be release this week. The feature will run in English or in Germany for the German speakers for now but Google promises that more language will be added in soon.

Google stated that the update will be available for all eligible device but they have not elaborated on what devices will be eligible. Most people believe that it will be for the Nougat OS powered device but others think that the Marshmallow might be included as well.

The Google Assistance feature can be access by long-pressing the home button. Fans were hoping that Google would not keep the feature as an exclusive feature ever since it was announced. It looks like their wishes were heard by Google.

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