Nintendo Switch Will Let You Leave The House In Peace

One of the thing that we all wanted to know about the Nintendo Switch is how long it will last when being used as a handheld. Once it is off the plug, all we have is the battery pack. Nobody knows the size of the battery yet but we might have some clue as to how long the device will last on it won.

A Youtuber NateDrake has reported that the new Nintendo Switch will be able to last from 5 to 8 hours depending on your usage. He added that the first few devkit only had 3 hours of battery life but Nintendo have been working on increasing the battery life and it sound like they might have done it.

There is still a lot of details that we do not know about the upcoming Nintendo Switch. The most recent new reveal that Dragon Quest XI will be released on the new Nintendo Switch but that is all.

The new console will be arriving in March next year.

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