Resident Evil 2 Remake Almost Got Outshadowed by RE7

When you talk about Resident Evil now, all you hear is the Resident Evil 7 game and how amazing it is going to be a few months ago, it was all about the Resident Evil 2 Remake. People were not convinced that Capcom could squeeze out another Resident Evil game that is worth the attention but it is clear that Capcom is doing it right now but that does not mean that every Resident Evil fans are onboard the RE7 hype train.

In fact, some people are still looking forward to getting their hands on the Resident Evil 2 Remake but with the RE7 now in the spotlight, it seems like we will not be getting any more details about the remake anytime soon.

The last we heard, some people believe that there will be a demo or a beta release of the Resident Evil 2 Remake. If that is true, we wait is almost over as the new Resident Evil 7 game will be arriving next month. Who else are still hype for Resident Evil 2 Remake?

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