Tesla Breaks Another Autopilot Upgrade Promise

The Tesla Autopilot pilot feature was one of the highlights of the Tesla models but after a few reported issue, Tesla was forced to turned off some fo the autopilot sensors and software on the new Tesla models until they get the update ready. Tesla promised that they will be offering their customers an upgrade before the year ends.

Well, we are now about a week away from the end of the year and still no Autopilot update is in sight. According to Elon Musk, the updated Autopilot will need Tesla new vision “neutral net to work and while he said that it is working well now, Tesla will need to get some road time in to make sure it is able to handle all kinds on situation and environment.

To work, the system will need eight surround cameras, 12 updated ultrasonic sensors, forward-facing radars and more. Well, we would rather Tesla get it right than rush it and find that it still had a few issues to fixed.

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