Next Tomb Raider Sequel Walks On Thin Ice

The new Rise of the Tomb Raider game was a huge success and part of it was because of the new story as well as the new attitude that Lara Croft have been sporting. With the kind of response the game got, it looks like a sequel will also be as successful if it was developed but with the lead writer Rhianna Pratchett now gone, will CyrstalID be able to create another game as impressive as the Rise of the Tomb Raider?

According to the Tomb Raider official Twitter account, CrystalID and Rhianna Pratchett will be parting ways which mean she will not be a part of the Tomb Raider franchise anymore.

With Pratchett now gone, some fans are worried that the Tomb Raider franchise would sink back into the mud. We know that a sequel is probably being developed right now but we will have to see if the departure of their lead writer would have an impact on the sequel or not.

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