Minecraft Story Mode: It Is Not About Steve

There is no doubt that Minecraft is one of the best open world sandbox titles in history. The game is still one of the most played titles today, thanks to the new contents that are added into Minecraft on a regular basis.

However, game developer Mojang has other ideas for the franchise and it is a spin-off title that is based in the same world of blocks, Minecraft. In detail, Mojang has handed the key to Telltale Games, to produce Minecraft: Story Mode.

This upcoming title is confirmed to come with an interesting plot and a protagonist. Telltale teased that players will get to indulge in a highly exciting adventure in Minecraft Story Mode.

Upon hearing the news, many felt that the Story Mode will be centred on Steve, the generic lead character in the original Minecraft. Then again, Telltale claims that they never intend to create an official story for Steve, thus rubbishing the rumours.

Details on Minecraft are still scarce at the moment but gamers can expect more word on the matter in the coming months ahead. Also, we must advise gamers against speculating that Minecraft Story Mode will be made like Telltale’s The Walking Dead. This is because the game will surely end up as a family-oriented fun, not horror.

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