Uncharted 4 PS4 Demo Tipped In Magazine

After a lengthy spell of silence, the rumours on Uncharted 4 has returned and it suggests that the game’s demo will be launched next week at the PlayStation Experience event. This is evident if fans are to refer to the German gaming magazine, Play4.

Apparently, the preview of the January issue got leaked online and it shows Nathan Drake on the magazine’s cover page. When flipped inside, Play4 discussed on how Uncharted 4 became a highlight of the PS Experience event. The magazine even indicated that the Uncharted 4 Demo was launched at the event and some gamers managed to get a preview of things.

When asked, Play4 responded by claiming that the leaked information was a mistake and it is only based on assumption. The company added that the magazine is still pending to finalize and the cover with Nathan Drake on is merely one of the many sketches that are on standby.

While what Play4 said make sense, it is still best to hope for the unimaginable. The Playstation Experience event is just days away from now and fans of the Uncharted series should gear up just inc case there is a demo release for Uncharted 4.


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