2014 Honda Accord Comes With Same Quality of Build But It Has More Flair

When the 2014 Honda Accord comes to the market it will arrive as an accomplished saloon car and of course it has the backing of the quality that comes with a car from Honda. It also comes with more flair that before but the price tag does happen to be on the steep side.

The 2014 Honda Accord offers a drive that is positive and it does feel very responsive and sharp when it is going around corners. Steering is lacking in feel and the engine is refined, while noise in the cabin is kept down. However the ride is hard so do take this into account when choosing. There will be two petrol engines and a diesel to choose from and they are all on the quiet side and pack in a punch. You get good economy but the diesel engine is the one that stands out.

The 2014 Honda Accord lacks space in the back but there is plenty of space in the boot. The boot also has a loading bay with a clever design as it slides. The mechanics of the 2014 Honda Accord are almost indestructible. Also bear in mind that the price is expensive but on the plus side the cars insurance is low and nothing much will go wrong with the car.

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