Microsoft Surface 3 vs iPad Air: Which Is Better?

The latest Microsoft Surface 3 might have bagged the awards for being the best tablet around but this does not mean that the device is flawless. As a matter of fact, there are some departments where the Surface 3 lacks and this is where the latest Apple iPad Air 2 triumphs.

The first is speed. Running on the Atom chip, the Surface 3 failed to offer a smooth and stutter-free experience. The iPad Air 2, on the other hand, runs on the A8X chip with an M8 motion co-processor and this is definitely faster than the Atom. Many benchmark tests have already proved that the iPad Air 2 is at least 40% faster than the Surface 3.

Then, there is the operating system. While the Windows platform might be on a quick incline, it is still far from being on par with the iOS. The latter is simply far too great with its user-friendly UI and the millions of apps it have in the App Store.

Last but not least, the Apple iPad Air 2 is able to offer better display than the Surface 3. With a resolution of 2048x1536p powering its 9.7” screen, the iPad Air 2 is definitely sharper than the Surface 3. The latter runs at a smaller resolution of 1920x1280p.

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