Half Life 3: Why E3 Announcement Is Unlikely

For more than ten years already, Half Life fans have been kept waiting for Half Life 3 and it looks like the long wait is about to pay off. Many signs have already surfaced hinting that Half Life 3 is going to get confirmed at E3 this year but fans should take them with a grain of salt.

This is because Gabe Newell continues to believe that Half Life 3 is still far from development. The co-founder of Valve and also the brains behind the Half Life series spoke openly in a recent interview claiming that Half Life 3 is not in production and fans shouldn’t expect it coming anytime soon.

Unfortunately, Gabe didn’t give any explanation whatsoever but it suggests that E3 won’t see the confirmation of Half Life 3.

On the bright side of things, Gabe Newell didn’t deny Half Life 3’s coming so the game’s release remains inevitable. However, this also means that fans will have to wait a lot longer before they can get their hands on Half Life 3.

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